Rationalising Hatred

It’s the duty of extremists Muslims to fit in, not ours to give in

“Extremists” fitting in? I think Andrew Bolt has his hopes where the sun don’t shine.

How many Muslim  researchers into  the “critical analysis of contemporary racism and Islamophobia” does Australia need?   Immigrants, particularly of Muslim countries, cannot be assumed to be loyal to their new country, and can  commonly switch their allegiance to what we’d agree are terrorist groups. Muslims suggests the answer is Australia should change. I say hell no.

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The “nuanced” argument for murdering disobedient women

Gerard Henderson on the “honour killings” fiasco of the Left-stacked Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The fact is that not all questions are worth asking and not all answers are worth listening too.– Jeremy Sammut

A dangerous idea worth discussing is one that challenges a prevailing orthodoxy and which, if implemented, would generate public and/or private benefits, without generating public or private harms to others.

It should go without saying, but honour killings comprehensively fail this test.

It’s the duty of extremists to fit in, not ours to give in

To think our diplomats helped him get out of trouble with Saudi Arabia, where his brother remains jailed:

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says a West Australian man is being investigated after appearing online in a video railing against the West, entitled ‘The Status of Women in Islam’…

In the video, Junaid Thorne appears in front of a version of the black flag of Jihad popular across the Middle East, including with the Sunni insurgent group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is also known as ISIL.

“ISIL is a prescribed terrorist organisation and it is an offence to support or promote or engage with terrorist organisations and can be punishiable by severe penalties,” Bishop said.

Mr Thorne is not known to have vocalised his support for ISIL…

West Australian Noongar man Thorne is known to authorities after Saudi Arabian authorities jailed then freed his brother on terrorism-related offences…

In a video speech, delivered mostly in English but partly in Arabic, he rails against injustices being perpetrated against Muslims, calling for Muslim men to “defend our sisters”.

“Look at other parts of the world. Our sisters being raped by filthy Jews and Christians,” Thorne says in the video.

Would we have had a deal had a politician warned beforehand that taking in Muslim immigrants came with an obligation to dump Israel and turn against the West – or risk danger?

Dr Yassir Morsi, researcher at the International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia, last week on 3AW rationalised a hatred and a threat that he should have deplored:

A lot of young Muslims… feel, without taking that leap, without taking that jump to go and fight [with jihadists overseas] that their own sense of worth has to be won through themselves and not through showing faith to a state [Australia] which they feel hasn’t shown any faith to them and continually, globally, politically, has not given the time to express their concerns about issues such as Israel, Syria, so forth. It is just a complete lack of faith in the system and when that happens they’ll go beyond it… Come on, you don’t feel that people of minority status just feel a little bit alienated? That news to you, really? … A lot of Muslims feel it…

[Many Muslims] have their own coorrdinates and world view about the way the world should be run but when that’s matched by an inability by our existing political institutions and politicians to represent great concerns that a lot of people have then I don’t think we should be surprised that there are some Muslims out there who have no loyalty to Australia. I’m not quite sure what the shock is… There is plenty of anger out there…

Loyalty here should be seen two ways…

I agree people should show a level of concern for their neighbours and their country… If you want young Muslims to feel that they ought to have loyalty to Australia then there are a series of issues that need to be addressed one of which is of course dealing with the fact that many of them don’t feel represented….  from historical grounds, to inequalities to xenophobia and racism…

I think this discussion about loyalty favors one side. It comes out of this idea that Australia is a host, we’ve given you hope, we’ve given you opportunity, why have you turned on us?

Morsi confirms what is usually denounced by his sort as xenophobia – that immigrants, particularly of Muslim countries, cannot be assumed to be loyal to their new country, and can switch their allegiance to what we’d agree are terrorist groups. Morsi suggests the answer is Australia should change. Many Australians would have a neater and safer solution.

About Morsi, note we pay him to peddle victimisation policies that put the responsibility for change on Australia, and not jihadists:

His main area of research is the critical analysis of contemporary racism and Islamophobia. He looks at the struggles facing Muslim minorities living in a secular, postcolonial and liberal west.

Yassir was president of the University of Melbourne Islamic society as well as the peak student body in Victoria. He has been an active member of the Muslim community engaging with young Muslims in numerous community projects.

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  1. This sort of emotive and “pre-emptively defensive” slanderous victimology only works because we haven’t taught our children the value of our civilized society, or contrasted nor opposed it to islam’s barbarity.

    Every industry is based on oil. All the world “owners” – the corporazi oil-bankster sales-masters who own all the sales-puppet politicians and all the enemedia presstitutes – support islamic crime to keep oil cheap.


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