Rebels Without A Cause

The enemedia keeps avoiding words like ‘jihad’, ‘Islam’, ‘Muslims’ like the plague. The BS that is being reported is so evasive that someone who is not in the know about what’s at stake remains clueless, which is disastrous.

Ironic that al Jizz, Qatar’s nasty little MuBro channel, often reports  the news more truthfully than the western media. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the following article, which claims:

Foreign fighters and Syrian rebels who have taken up al-Qaeda-style ideologies have played an increasingly powerful role among fighters, dampening the West’s support for the rebellion to overthrow Assad.

See: “Foreign fighters” vs “Syrian rebels”, “al-Qaeda-style ideologies”, “fighters” and “rebellion”. If you don’t know about Islam and jihad you would be as clueless as the dolts who watch CNN.

State TV: Car bomb kills dozens in Syria

22syria_1-articleLargeState television reports 34 people killed, 50 injured in attack near government-controlled city of Hama.

2 thoughts on “Rebels Without A Cause”

  1. “Extremist radicalist militantists” abound, but no “islamic muslims” exist!

    The enemedia presstitutes only exist to always ask all the wrong questions.

  2. Those of us “in the know” can read the equivocations, omissions, conflations, allusions, diversions, delusions, obtusions and inclusions like a first grade reader. The media isn’t that smart except when it comes to fooling the already self-deluded and or completely uninformed.

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