Scotland: Bacon Hurts Muslim 'Feelings': Sharia Promptly Enforced


France: Sharia Also Enforced

Egypt: Sharia Enforced

He was “‘disturbing the peace by broadcasting false information’ after documenting political unrest in Egypt brought on by numerous Muslim extremist attacks on Christians.” In other words, even in post-Muslim Brotherhood Egypt, to publicize Muslim persecution of Christians is verboten.

Pair locked up for attacking mosque with bacon

A teenage girl and 39-year old man, who desecrated a mosque by attacking it with strips of bacon, have both been given custodial sentences.

4outrageEighteen-year old Chelsea Lambie from Paisley and Douglas Cruikshank from Galashiels, were told by Sheriff Alistair Noble, sitting in Edinburgh: “It does not seem to me there is any way to deal with this case other than by custody”.

Thousands of Muselmaniacs have been seen pissing on church doors in EUrabia.  How many of them did Sheriff Alistair Noble put in custody?

During the five day trial, a security guard at the mosque, 34-year old Usman Mahmood, told the jury of eight women and seven men:

“It hurt my feelings when I saw this meat hanging inside the mosque in the worshipping area. It was very disturbing”.

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  1. It hurts my feelings to know these holy mobsters exist in my own country.
    It further does so to know “my leaders” enable these murderous slavers.

    What’s the official, legal punishment for the crime of *treason,* again?

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