The Official Muslim Establishment In France Issues A Document

by Hugh Fitzgerald

That document, about the responsibilites of Muslims to abjure and work against “extremism,” still avoids the main problemm, which are passages, immutable  and well-known, by the hundreds in the Qur’an, by the thousands in the Hadith, that do indeed call for murderous hostility toward non-Muslims, do call for participation, individual or communal depending on the circumstances, in Jihad, and do call for the use of different instruments of Jihad including that of “pen, tongue” which is exactly what this attempt to shore up the Musliim position may be interpreted to be. Until the clear meaning of these texts of Islam are owned up to, are recognized, are openly discussed, any enthusiasm ought to be curbed. What counts is admission, by Muslims, of what is contained in the texts, and what Muslims know perfectly well is in those texts. When some of them manage to avoid following those texts, that is cold comfort, for at any point, any Muslim, or many Muslims, may re-acquire that old-time religion, and feel, and act, accordingly. And worst of all are the converts, usually from the socially and psychically marginal, who take Islam most to heart, undiluted by time, by custom, by prudential considerations of any sort — including the prudential considerations that  are responsible for  this less-is-here-than-meets-the-eye document just issued by French Muslim officialdom.

The story here.

In other news: Thanks to Gallia Watch

Muzzling journalists without making it too obvious:

Read this English-language article on the ground rules for reporting racial issues imposed on British Journalists by the NUJ (National Union of Journalists).

A blistering interview with Marine Le Pen published by Spiegel Online

France: land of jihadists

From Europe 1:

France is in the front rank of countries exposed to the risk of terrorism in Europe. That is the assessment from Europol in its annual report on the evolution of terrorism, published Thursday (May 29). It reveals, notably, that between 2009 and 2013, the number of arrests of Islamist activists has doubled in Europe. Moreover, it was in France that the greatest number of Islamist activists was reported.

Here is some information about Brussels Jewkiller Mehdi Nemmouche:
He intended to “put Brussels in flames and in blood” and he is French (sic).
Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, born in Roubaix, was arrested by chance during a routine customs check. Note: Roubaix in northern France is in a heavily Islamized region. The city has been the scene of many crimes and jihadist activity for years.
 During a stopover in Trévières (department of Calvados), François Hollande congratulated the police and the magistrates. The suspect “was arrested the minute he stepped foot in France”, stressed the president. And then, on the subject of jihadists who return to Europe having fought in Syria, like Nemmouche, he declared, “We will fight them.”

Note: Regarding the “chance” arrest, Jean-Marie Le Pen quipped: 

“Marseille, customs arrests a killer by chance. Hollande congratulates the judges, customs officials, police… and his government. It’s comical, isn’t it?”