There Will Be Blowback…

‘Blowback Threat’

Anti-terrorism experts have long warned of the “blowback” threat posed by European-born Islamists returning home with combat experience and the weapons expertise required to carry out terrorist attacks.

The helpers, mostly interpreters and their families, get refugee visas as fulfilment of country’s ‘moral obligation’.

“Aussie” laughs and fires his machine gun from a bombed out building in Syria

The short clip of the former Bankstown local – who calls himself Ahmed Shaheed III – is believed to have been filmed by Ismail Jabbar – a Muslim extremist recently dubbed the ‘British Bin Laden’.– More betrayal of islam at Mail Online/thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The “White Plague”

Muslims Love Death, Europe is Tired of Life

If southern Europe has the worst fertility rates, the north holds the record for euthanasia. In Belgium, already the leading European country for suicide rates, cases of euthanasia have increased by over 700 per cent in the last ten years. These are the impressive numbers published by the Belgian newspaper le Soir.

The demographic statistics of Italy and those of euthanasia in Belgium are united by the mystery of two of the richest and peaceful postwar democracies who have chosen self liquidation.

An offer they will (most likely) refuse:

Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls: Australia offers SAS troops to help rescue students taken by Boko Haram

Australian special forces troops are on standby to assist with the rescue of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, the Federal Government has confirmed.

The schoolgirls were kidnapped by Al Qaeda-linked Muslim extremist group Boko Haram in April, sparking international outrage and prompting the campaign “Bring Back Our Girls”.


Nigerian Troops Kill 40 Terrorists; Boko Haram Kills 40 in Bombing


Goat humpers:

Mehdi Hasan writes for PuffHo.

…. wonder how Mehdi felt deep down about this week’s special guest, Arianna Huffington, placing her hand around her “dahling” Mehdi and telling him to er… “sleep your way to the top!”

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  1. The real blowback is coming when the peoples of the lands being invaded by Muslims realize what Islam really is. Enoch Powell is a prophet.

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