Two Muslim Holy Men With Hand Grenades Meet Virgins

Nobody  seems to be surprised. What if the headline was “Catholic priests arrested with hand grenades”, or ‘Buddhists with machine guns attack cops’ or similar? Why is everyone so complacent when Muselmaniacs blow shiite up?

Two Muslim Holy Men With Hand Grenades Meet Virgins

Two Muslim clerics were shot dead by police in Mandera after they defied a directive to stop.

A third man who was in the vehicle escaped.

Police recovered 11 grenades from the Probox vehicle, which was crossing over to Somalia in the Sunday night incident.

“They were crossing over the border to pick a terrorist when police got information from the locals,” area County Commissioner Michael Tialal told Daily Nation.

He said police laid an ambush and after ordering the driver to stop, the two passengers in the vehicle hurled three hand grenades at them before the vehicle sped-off prompting the officers to pursue them.

However the grenades did not explode and eventually the officers caught up with the sheiks at Shafe-Shafe location outside Mandera town where they shot them.

Turkey puts Nusra Front on ‘terror list’

Beats me: aren’t they all sunni Muslims? Don’t they all read the same Koran?