UKIP Spooks the Establishment

Rise of UKIP Spooks Britain’s  Phoney Conservatives

The anti-EU vote in the European Parliament elections is not just a passing phase, and it is not just an eruption of  “fascist,” “nativist”  or “right-wing” emotions.

“Things are changing. People are sick and tired of having three social democrat parties that are frankly indistinguishable from each other,”– Nigel Farage said.

UKIP isn’t a protest. It’s a counter-revolution

Posted by Melanie Phillips

The OIC’s BS propaganda machinery spins like Iranian centrifuges:

“The OIC has issued statements that we are very clear, that these people are outlaws, what they do is criminal act, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, Islamic teachings, the religion of Islam, the history, the culture, the civilisation of Islam, therefore we should identify them for what they are: a terrorist group.

In other news:

‘Tragic’ Tony BLiar Is A Narcissist With A Messiah Complex, Says Former Confidant

unnamedMayday, Mayday:

Theresa May And Michael Gove “Extremism Row” Overshadows Queen’s Speech

Theresa May deserves a price for ignorance and incompetence. Typical for her ilk, she lies, deflects and blames others. The PuffHo, as always, shills for the Muslim invaders:

 The truth is that Michael Gove’s reforms have made it easier, not harder, for schools to be run inappropriately, while Theresa May has cut back Prevent programme funding that previously worked to tackle a wide range of extremism.

This is patently absurd. “Harder” to implement the Islamic curriculum? Perverse.