Who said those who want sharia in Oz should piss off and ship out?

Politicians conveniently forget that 70% of Australians don’t want any more Islam in this country.  This is exactly the reason why we cannot leave it to the established parties: when it comes to the vote, crunch, they all think they look their best with plenty of brown lipstick:

Islamic Museum of Australia Grand Opening 2014

Cooking history with flamethrowers. Taking us for fools:

The museum will explain the tenets of the Islamic faith, and the meaning of misunderstood terms such as jihad and sharia. Patrons can stand in a minaret and listen to the call to prayer.

No shiite.

Just wondering: think we can see some of this art in this wonderful  da’awah centre?

Islamic Art

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  1. Some years ago, the Islamic Museum in Penang had a fairly humdrum exhibit saying FGM was the norm in Malaysia. Maybe it went out with the remodeling. But the IMA could do that up properly with videos showing the different kinds of cutting and explanations of the moral benefits for Australian women. And of stoning for adultery of course. And child rape, and forced marriage, and wife beating. And sex-slavery. Some of the diversity and richness of Islam Joe Hockey probably didn’t have time to get into.

  2. Joe Hockey who holds the Office of The Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia (and is now a Self-Certified Dhimmi)

    Believes this about islam (in his own words out of his own mouth) ….

    If you are looking for the story of Australia then I ask you to look around you ….
    this is more than a building ….
    this is the history of our nation ….
    but is is also our nations future ….
    muhammad in his final sermon said ….
    hurt no one so that no one will hurt you ….
    we all have a responsibility ….
    to insure ….
    the diversity and richness of our nation ….
    is reflected in our everyday life ….
    this is indeed a grand building ….
    it is … a building that has been built on the aspirations of a few …. in the hope that many will be influenced for the better ….

    then followed eastern style music
    over some external shots of the new building
    then some shots of a male dressed as an arab leading a camel back and forth by a holter in front of the building
    some internal shots of the building
    the arab and his camel again
    back inside with some visitors wearing muslim attire
    some men kisssing each others cheeks

    Then Ahmed Fahour the CEO & MD Australia Post & Patron to the Islamic Museum of Australia speaking ….
    I don’t think I could be more proud than I am today at this moment …
    I feel a huge degree of pride in my family for the central role that they have played in creating this museum ….
    I also feel tremendous pride in the local muslim community who have been incredibly generous in their support of the IMA and I also feel immense pride in my home town of Melbourne.
    A truly multlcultural city that embraces people of all colour creed and faith.

    Ron Murray of the Indigenous Cultural Awareness Facillitator, Musician and Artist presenting a certified working didgeridoo ….

    Joe Hockey again …. saying
    I am honoured to be here ……….
    I say that very genuinely …..
    because so much of the sacrifice that has gone into this building ..
    so much what each of you go through every day …..
    represents the very best of Australia …..
    and if I can associate myself with the very best of Australia …..
    then it is a job well done …..
    so to all of you – congratulations – it’s my very great honour to open this new museum to islamic history ….
    but it’s something more – it is a living and breathing example – of what it means to be an Australian.
    thank you very much.

    This was all met by general cheering and applause from the “visitors” to the opening event.

    The arab and his camel feature again ….

    If you want any more of this
    watch it yourself – I have seen and heard enough.

    1. And there was that dirty old imam/sheik/koranimal who clearly mentioned ‘kafir’, but since Hockey and our resident didgeridoo rep don’t speak Arabic, that part was lost in translation….

  3. and in the red corner we have

    The Islamic Smoking Joe

    all the way from Melbourne Australia

    The first Islamic Propaganda Museum of Australia.

    “A prayer room overlooks a billabong”

    Is it a mosque with a museum ?

    “Displays detail the story of the prophet Muhammad and list Muslims’ inventions in maths, science, literature and chess.”

    This is fraud.A fake list.

    “Director Moustafa Fahour, his mother taught him to give back to the community.”

    What is the community going to do with a museum? And which community ?

    “despaired at TV reports linking Islam with terrorism and oppression. “

    Yes tell us again there is no link at all.

    “The museum will explain the meaning of misunderstood terms such as jihad and sharia. “

    What is there to misunderstand?

  4. Daniel,

    You forgot to add to your list: who will PAY for the museum upkeep?
    Will it be a self-funding nonprofit scrambling for grants and donations or will it be the peoples money looted by the government?

  5. I’m really disappointed with Abbott & co. This is what you’d come to expect from Labor & the greens and not be disappointed.

  6. Yes – the ANZ is probably the prime mover principally because of the involvement of islamists within its higher management. Do not use the ANZ is one recommendation that can be made.

  7. Rossco, nope. Expected, as Abbott has been heard to pass comment that muslims will settle down and integrate once we have made them feel welcome rather than unwelcome.

    ANZ. Also the NAB had a muslim CEO didn’t it, charged plenty of interest though.

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