Are you supporting an Islamic war of extermination against Jews?

The words  of Pat Condell are eternals. Here’s a replay:

There are some really dumb Jews among them, like this one:
Stephane Frappreau, who identified himself as Jewish, said the demonstrations were about “defending humanity and about stopping the massacre.”

Hamas barely seems to care who it shoots, shelling even Palestinian towns such as Bethlehem and even Hebron, on the West Bank:

Code Red rocket sirens blared throughout Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim, Hebron and other surrounding areas on Saturday evening.

Rockets landed in Hebron and Bethlehem, the IDF Spokeperson said.  Four rockets landed in total in the attack- three in Palestinian areas and one near a Jewish West Bank settlement. 

Back in Australia, Tim Blair wonders how many other Impaired and Subsidised Islamic Soldiers are signed up for government benefits. 
Islam stifles mental growth

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  1. Excellent video by Pat, although were I disagree, is that I do believe some of these people are not naive at all. As they are happy to have found a legitimate outlet that will allow them to participate in releasing their antisemitic hate that had to be suppressed after war2.

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