Awful: parents of slain teacher intervene to seek amnesty for her murderer

“Diversity” is the liberal euphemism for the obliteration of cultural identity. People who represent the norm are not diverse. The ultimate goal is to destroy the norm, replacing Western societies with a phantasmagoric hodgepodge of foreigners and perverts.

Sometimes, the perps become the victims of their own delusions:

Fabienne Terral-Calmès, a schoolteacher, was stabbed to death by a Moroccan mother of five

The media left out just about everything that you should know about this case:

A few days earlier, this Moroccan family had received notice to leave French territory.  What the media also didn’t tell us is this:

This “desequilibree espagnole” — an “unbalanced Spanish woman” — who stabbed to death her child’s grade-school teacher, was in fact named “Rachida” and she was “Spanish” only in the sense that she may have come from Spain, may even have had Spanish citizenship, but was a Muslim from Spain, now a Muslim living in France.

And now this:

The State reversed its decision because the parents of the murdered teacher intervened, and requested that the Prefect of le Tarn validate their daughter’s commitment.

article-2680625-1F64F44500000578-395_634x851The teacher, Fabienne Terral-Calmès, had been fighting for three years in order that a family, whose five children were enrolled in her school, obtain their papers.

And now, that she is dead, murdered by her beneficiaries, her equally deluded parents continue her legacy. How stupid white Frenchmen are!  (Gallia Watch)

If this is not replacement theology I don’t know what is.

‘Ahrar Al-Sunna’ Calls to Destroy All Lebanon Churches

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Lebanese Ba’albek-based terrorist group of ‘Ahrar al-Sunna’ called for a demolition of all churches across Lebanon – in line with a purported injunction by ISIL militant groups’ leaders. …

More Christianophobia at Fars News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Kidnapping is unislamic, right?

ISIS Kidnaps 46 Indian Nurses in Tikrit – Moves Them to Mosul (GWP)

ISIS kidnapped 46 Indian male nurses and moved them from Tikrit to Mosul which is completely under its control.

And look what’s happening in Canada

The bigots of Nanaimo city council voted to ban Christians from using publicly funded facilities.

Read the full story: Nanaimo councillors divide and censor

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