CAIR savages complain that freedom makes them "uncomfortable"


CAIR: Muslims ‘uncomfortable’ in America’s ‘free’ society

cair1e1363546102925vi-viEvery once in a while someone says or tweets something that exposes their truly heart-felt opinion.

Such was the case Tuesday when CAIR issued a tweet saying Muslims are uncomfortable in America’s free society.

The tweet links to an article at the Asian Tribune that attempts to show just how bad Muslims have it in the United States.


The tweet didn’t sit well with most people.

Anyone who professes an ideology that regards their hosts as inferior and seeks their destruction doesn’t deserve to be in the country in the first place.–Check it out, here.


In other news:

Figures. Obama was taught by perverts:

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At least he admits it. He is not always that honest. Did the professor also teach him how to ride the pony?