Don't Bother With Comparative Casualties; We Cannot Let the Party With the Most Casualties Win

Muselmanic Propaganda is as worthless as the killer zombies from Hamas. Ignore it!  Do not for one moment believe that Muslims share the same values and the same concern for human life than we do. They don’t.

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The unseemly desire of so much of the world to find some way to blame Israel has taken a new form. Does Israel possess bomb shelters, and a population trained to run because it has had to endure for decades, the threat and reality of rocket barrages and terrorism of every kind? Did the brilliant Israelis manage to devise and make work Iron Dome, a fantastic achievement dismissed as simply not possible, by almost everyone, including the Americans and by some Israelis themselves, and have as a result avoided having any loss of life (though a half-dozen Israelis have been severely wounded), but not for want of trying on the part of Hamas.

In other news:

10530482_800510596650092_4990140182898710230_oBut the result of all this intelligent planning by members of the most persecuted people in human history, and  lthat technological achievement (which ultimately will benefit the rest of the West, if it knows what’s good for it) which dazzles, in lowering Israeli casualties — though Hamas always and everywhere prefers “to strike terror in the hearts of the Infidels” by hitting civilians — is that the world, or the less savory part of the world’s population, has used this to demonstrate the supposed “unfairness” of the conflict, the o’erweening behavior of the Israelis, who kill those “poor Palestinians” at will when, as anyone paying attention knows, the Israeli military has done more to minimizie civiilan casualties than any other military, in any other campaign, in history, and no one has a moral right to ignore that or, still worse, to lecture the Israelis on proper conduct of warfare.

The toting up of casualties — war is not, after all, World Cup scorekeeping — and letting the party with the most casualties win, in the propaganda stakes, is absurd.

The matter is discussed, with telling examples of others who suffered casualties — Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein — here.



 As all educated people know, every few years the patience of the Israelis, their willingness to endure every conceivable attempt by Hamas at every conceivable kind of atrocity, runs out, and they decide they have to do something. Now it appears that enough people in Israel realize they have to make sure the campaign doesn’t end until the supply of rockets has been whittled away sufficiently, and the ability to smuggle in, or manufacture new ones, also suppressed, to make sure that in a year, or two, or five, Israel won’t be subject to more missile attacks, as it is, today, daily, by the hundreds.

During a previous campaign, Israel made the same attempts — unheard-of attempts — to warn civlians, as they are called (though many of them, possibly almost all, are hardly “innocent” civilians because they would shriek with delight to hear of the mass killings of Israelis), even telephoning them, and leafletting them, and warning them again and again — because Israel has no interest in the deaths of such people, and even if it were not as soft-hearted as it is, self-interest would dictate that policy. And Hamas has a stake in making sure civiilans do not heed warnings, and Hamas places its rocket-launchers (and its stockpile of weapons, well-distributed in civilian areas) in the places most difficult to attack, those in the most heavily populated areas, in or under or beside schools and hospitals and so on.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who has had a considerable experience — among other responsibilities, he headed the British troops in Afghanistan – sums up his view of how the Israeli military behaves. It is what anyone, if not hopelessly addled as a victim of the malevolent disease of antisemitism (which infects at least 10% of any given Western population, and sometimes, depending on the time and place, often a greater percentage)  and not ignorant, or confused by the confusion of the media coverage, would conclude, but not be able to declare with such ringing authority.