French Police Discover 'Arsenal' on Bus Heading for London

Nothing to do with Islam, as always:

Border police searched baggage and found three loaded automatic pistols, three Smith & Wesson revolvers and a semi-automatic Luger, as well as two Italian-made firearms, a Czech-made firearm, a silencer and almost 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

“This is a house of God” – says the imam. I say the imam is a f*kcing liar:

Mosques like Aida’s are commonplace in Palestinian-controlled neighborhoods of Gaza and the West Bank: radical Islam is the norm, terrorists are celebrated, and the messaging reiterates the goal of destroying the Jewish State. 

Malaysia: Muslim leader says all Muslims must unite to attack Israel

But…but…it’s a struggle over land! If Israel makes a series of concessions to the “Palestinians,” all will be well and all manner of thing will be well — right?

India: Mumbai on high alert after Muslims threaten jihad mass murder attacks to “take revenge for Gaza”

“We will take revenge for Gaza. Stop us if you can…”

Top Pali Official Tawfiq Tirawi Threatens Israel: “The BIG EXPLOSION Is Coming” (Video)

“It is legal to use all means –”  (but the Jews are not allowed to defend themselves…)

Breaking: Pali Car Bomber Arrested Before Entering Jerusalem – GWP

A Pali terrorist was arrested before he entered Jerusalem today. Israeli officials found pipe bombs, gas canisters, explosives and a detonator inside the car.

The suspected bomber was captured near Beitar Ilit by Israeli border police.

…Londoners Rally in Solidarity with Iraqi Christians


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  1. Lefties are the biggest problem world is facing now, they join in there absulute ignorance the murderous Islamic and bow down to them for votes,
    Fist the world need to find way to stave off or get rid of the lefties/ greens before the world can teach a lessons to Islamic radicals,
    World has been thrown to muderfild by these muslims and we still letting them come and live amoung us ,

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