Islamisation at any cost: Obama sides with Muslims against Buddhists

Just like he sided with Muslims against Christians and Jews, or anyone else who stands in the way of his fundamental transformation to a world caliphate:
BBSU.S. uses Religious Freedom Act to deny visa to BBS chief monk – Links Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

 More Cartoon Rage Coming

Lars Hedegaard among the producers of new anti-Islam animation – News – The Copenhagen Post

The controversial Danish anti-Islamist Lars Hedegaard is among the backers of a new controversial animation film about the life of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and his marriage to a six-year-old girl. … by Christian Wenande, thanks to Mullah pbuh….

There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”

Why is there no Islamic peace movement? Because followers are too caught up feeling sorry for themselves as victims

It is a hard enough thing to run away from home in Cardiff to become a warrior for the caliphate, it is quite another to do it from Melbourne. But in Australia too last week there were stories and photos of local Muslim boys who had somehow managed to travel half the circumference of the globe to take part in a conflict their surfing school-mates had probably never even heard of.

Cringing Dimmi Tard Cannot Prostrate Himself Enough to Please Muselmaniacs

Australian jihadists in macabre threat to soldiers
Australia’s most notorious jihadists fighting in Iraq have issued a macabre threat to Australian soldiers as their ranks were bolstered by a Melbourne-born preacher who has joined their new ”caliphate”.
 Just to stir things up more, one of the young Muslim savages brought up in Sydney on a diet of entitlement, moral relativism and hatred for everything Western, is taunting Australian soldiers, while murdering his way across Iraq. See More

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