"Israel is the only place we have as Jews"

Thousands Demonstrate in Support for Israel Across the Globe

“Israel is the only place we have as Jews,”- close to 5,000 Christians and Jews united on Kensington High Street holding up signs calling for an end to Hamas terrorism,reports the Jewish Chronicle. A taxi driver at the event said he had witnessed a great deal of anti-Semitism from pro-Palestine protestors, noting that many protesters had made references to Hitler and the Holocaust. “It was horrible, disgusting,” he said. (Breitbart)


Israeli Gaza offensive sparks global rallies, thousands protest

 Meanwhile, in Iraq:

ISIS Cutting off Water Supply to Christians

To be fair, we should  cut off all  supplies to the Mohammedans in our midst….

Islamic State Training Children for Terrorism

Breeding genocidio zombies, (and then they howl like seared pigs when some of them get hurt)

FAA Bans All U.S. Flights to Israel

The Obamabastard cannot walk on water, but he sure knows how to hurt….

137,000 Victims of Female Genital Mutilation in Britain

…and only one in the dock for it. Pathetic.

Israel: Kerry, Go Home

Think he’ll get the message?

Kuwaiti Cleric Tareq Al-Suwaidan to Hamas: Do Not Agree to Ceasefire until They Bow Before Us….

Remember the organisation behind the Bendigo mega mosque?
Here’s a glimpse into the mindset of their Arab backers.
Bendigonians must be looking forward to their cultural enrichment. 

Islamic supremacist savagery on full display. Note how he keeps repeating that they don’t want a ceasefire. Yet Obama, Kerry and other Western leaders keep pushing Israel to accept one — to give Hamas time to use the millions Obama just...pamelageller.com