Leftoids & Muselmaniacs Downunder Scared by Facebook Page

‘Stop the Mosque in Kalgoorlie’ Facebook page branded ‘extremely offensive’

And every little leftard in the land knows that we can’t offend Muslims, right?

Being opposed to yet another Mosquestrosity  is ‘bigoted’ and ‘extremely offensive’ – according to the president of WA’s self-appointed racial harmony enforcement cohort. (full article below the fold)

safe_image.phpWest Australians for Racial Equality president Suresh Rajan said content on the page was “extremely offensive.”

In Australia we have Racial Equality guaranteed under the law. The last thing we need is a Mohammedan headbanger lecturing us on what’s ‘offensive’.

Leftoids from al AGE are beating the drums for their own enslavement:

The Key Switcher? (on a tip from the Gates of Vienna)  The article, written by Chris Johnston, is entitled “The power of hate: Bendigo mosque a rallying cry”. It’s a hit-piece on the Q Society, which opposes the Islamization of Australia and has been one of the leading groups in the campaign against the proposed mosque in Bendigo. Here’s an  online version. A certain Professor Jakubowicz is making outlandish claims and making a real a$$hole of himself. Continue reading →


Mustard from Uganda wants to be elected so he can take away your freedom of speech

I will work for you on the following issues of concern for our community.

Mubarak Kim , the first Australian Muslim to contest the federal Senate seatMubarak Kim , the first Australian Muslim to contest the federal Senate seat

Remember the Clayton Street mosque project in Melbourne’s east? 

THE Islamic Association of Monash Mosque is relying on God’s will and deep pockets to deliver more than $1 million for the new Clayton mosque by mid-2015.

Islamic association relying on ‘God’s will’ ‘Allah’s will’ to raise building cash for Clayton mosque

Now they’re scratching for funds to build their Islamic bridge head within the allocated time frame of the planning permit. But not to worry, inshallah the local mayor Geoff L… See More

 “Extremely Offensive”

AN anti-Islamic Facebook page that opposes the construction of a mosque in Kalgoorlie has been branded as “based on bigotry” and “extremely offensive.”

The Stop the Mosque in Kalgoorlie Facebook page began last week and had amassed 729 likes by this morning.

It is linked to three other anti-mosque pages, including Stop the Mosque Bendigo which became national news last week after it was revealed it was funded by far-right lobby group Restore Australia.

The Stop the Mosque page, which bears the disclaimer, “no Islamic debate or trolls tolerated here,” has 727 followers.

Posts on the page object to the suggestion that it is racist, saying “it is not racist to oppose a religion that is not compatible with our way of life.”

“Islam is also NOT a religion. It is a dangerous, fascist political ideology like Nazism but it includes aspects of religion. For this reason, islam (sic) has been able to exploit our laws on religious freedom. If we are to defeat islam as we did Nazism, we have to put an end to this and strip islam (sic) of its status as a religion.

West Australians for Racial Equality president Suresh Rajan said content on the page was “extremely offensive.”

“It’s clearly and obviously based on bigotry and religious vilification,” Mr Rajan said.

“What’s scary is it got more than 700 likes in six days … it’s pretty frightening how quickly these things can proliferate.

“I just wonder how these people would react if a similar sort of thing was said about their particular religion.”

Mr Rajan said the popularity of the page was “extremely disappointing, but not surprising.”

“We haven’t really seen any strong leadership on this point from our political leaders to try and change this sort of behaviour,” he said.

The Kalgoorlie Islamic Community Centre lodged an application last month to build a mosque on Park Street. There are already Islamic centres offering a regular place to meet for prayer in the town.

A Change.org petition linked to the Facebook page and calling on the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to block the development application has already amassed more than 600 signatures.

Among the supporting statements offered by signatories were “because this is australia not arabia (sic)” and “until they assimilate I will NEVER agree to this.”

“These people do not fit in with our culture and demand us to change! I am totally fed up!”

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has been contacted for comment

Originally published as ‘Offensive’ anti-mosque page slammed

Will a friendly supporter please explain to Suresh and his friends thedifference between biology and ideology? Here is their page:https://www.facebook.com/WA4RE


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  1. “West Australians for Racial Equality president Suresh Rajan said content on the page was “extremely offensive.””

    Maybe change the title to “West Australians for Racial and Religious Equality”

    Anyway what race is Islam?

    What does stopping a Mosque ( to do with religion) have to do with Racial Equality?

    And what exactly is “extremely offensive?

    The man’s name suggest he may not be a Muslim but a dhimmi.

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