Mad(onna) Cow Disease

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Another bitter clinger looking for relevance. After dabbling with Kabbala, the ageing hack was last seen with a Mohammedan ‘dancer’ half her age. These guys are known to be flexible. Allah is oft forgiving and merciful….


 Madonna wears traditional Muslim niqab veil because it’s been ‘that kind of day’

Madonna’s having a bad day, so decides to wear a niqab. Naturally.

While most people would maybe don a pair of tracksuit bottoms or a baggy T-shirt, the singer chose to wear a traditional Islamic headscarf to get her through what she describes as “that kind of day”.

She shared the picture on Instagram, along with the perhaps ill-advised words: “#unapologeticbitch” – as if to pre-empt any possible backlash, which would of course be likely. Not that she cares; she’s “unapologetic”.

Although often confused with a burqa, which covers the whole body with a mesh cloth to see through, the niqab covers all of a woman’s face except for the eyes.

They both refer to the principle of modesty, and for some are a statement of religious and cultural identity. Although this is clearly lost on Madonna, who appears, if her statement is anything to go by, to treat it like a lazy day onesie.

But of course this is not the first time Madonna has faced controversy over her strangely chosen outfits – she’s pulled a gun out on stage on numerous occasions as part of her ‘costume’ and dressed as a geisha for 1998 music video “Nothing Really Matters”.

She has once dabbled in Muslim veil-wearing before – in July last year she shared an Instagram picture of herself wearing a chain mail mask, with the caption: “The Revolution of Love is on… Inshallah [Arabic for ‘God willing’].”

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  1. Madge was out ice-fishing in S.Argentina…it was a little windy, and the snow was coming down pretty good.

  2. What a pathetic woman!

    The only original thought she had without piggybacking off other people’s trends was her narcissistic vanity project; her book on sex.


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