Man Beaten With Pipe For Hanging Israeli Flag in Window

Sweden: Man Beaten With Pipe For Hanging Israeli Flag in Window

Posted by Jim Hoft

jew windowA 38-year-old man was beaten with a metal rod outside his home in the Swedish city of Malmö on Sunday in what police is treating as a hate crime. (WJC)  (Would it surprise you if they’d consider the hanging of the Israeli flag a hate crime?) Israel National News reported: via GWP

 In other news:

Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war (Vlad Tepes)

Unlikely. There is no will to resist the Mohammedan invasion, and half a century of dumbing down has turned the natives  into mindless sheeple, driven into extinction by a cabal of extreme left social engineers. If Swedes had any survival instincts left, they would hang their traitors from the lampposts of Stockholm.

I met lovely Mona Walter at a press conference in the Danish parliament a short time ago. A Swedish Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own way. Being a convert in islamized Sweden and even speaking out publicly about it and against Islam is exceedingly brave.

“She lives in Gothenburg and came to Sweden from Somalia at age 20 in 1994 … Immediately after her arrival Mona Walter – that is her name – was visited by local imams, who explained the young woman that she had cover her body and visit the the mosque more often. There, she heard how the learned men preached hatred of Swedish society and holy war against the infidels. She was disappointed and angry. She wanted to be a Swede, she would like to be integrated, and she married an ethnic Swede and broke out of the ghetto and converted to Christianity. But today she fears for her daughters’ future. Not in Somalia, but in Sweden. …

Friday, she visited Copenhagen during the presentation of Lars Hedegaard’s book ‘Muhammad’s girls’, now published in Swedish, which tells a broader story about the woman’s low status in Islam and the high levels of violence and rape that follows this. …

Mona Walter has no doubt that Sweden will be forced into a bloody civil war within a decade or two, if not the public debate happens, and it becomes to criticize the insane mass immigration to Sweden from Muslim countries. On the one hand, negative sentiments against Muslims will grow; On the other hand, the proponents of Islam and the gangs will get stronger.”


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