Motherly Terror

A TERRORIST SUPPORTER fears harassment from anti Islam groups

A mother accused of supporting overseas terrorism fears harassment from anti-Muslim groups, a court has heard. Her lawyer Zali Burrows asked the court to ban any publication of Elomar’s home address, saying the safety of the 29-year-old and her family was being threatened. “The order is necessary to protect the safety of the applicant and her children,” Ms Burrows said. Detectives from the NSW joint counter-terrorism team stopped Fatima Elomar at Sydney airport on May 3 as she tried to board an international flight with her children….(That was a huge mistake. We need to prevent these people from returning. Our policy should encourage them to leave.)  See More

Terror Momma Brings Her Hatchlings to the Court

Dressed in a burqa, the Aussie mum of four whose Muslim extremist husband is fighting in Syria appears in court on terrorism charges… and she brought the kids


  • Fatima Elomar, 29, is charged with charged with ‘preparing for incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activities’
  • The mother of four appeared in the Downing Centre court in Sydney today
  • She was arrested by counter-terrorism detectives at Sydney Airport in May
  • Her husband Mohamed Elomar is believed to be fighting with terror group ISIS in either Syria or Iraq
  • Her lawyer said Ms Elomar fears harassment from ‘anti-Muslim groups’  @MailOnline 

Four Ways to Fight Extremism Muslim Misuse of Charity in Britain

Too much whiskey?

ISIS threat has been exaggerated, says former MI6 chief: Sir Richard Dearlove thinks ‘pathetic’ Britons Islamic headbangers spreading messages on internet should be ignored

  • Ex-intelligence chief made remarks in a speech in London yesterday
  • He said government and the media should not offer ‘oxygen of publicity’
  • Fighting in Syria and Iraq is ‘essentially Muslim on Muslim’, he added
  • Instead he said people should focus on growing threat of Russia and China

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