Muslim 'Freedom Fighter' Investigated for Up to 12 Bigamous Marriages…

‘Heretical and deviant Muslim, manipulator of emotions’ brainwashes women by twisting Islam

1404726580679_Image_galleryImage_A_British_self_proclaimedRobert Andrew Scott, who also uses the Muslim name Jamaluddin Mustafa, is accused of illegally marrying up to 12 women in Europe and Asia

British Islamist ‘Freedom Fighter’ Investigated for Up to 12  Bigamous Marriages…

A self-proclaimed British Islamic “freedom fighter” is being investigated by Malaysian Special Branch officers who suspect him of a leaving trail of bigamous marriages across Europe and Asia.

According to the Daily Mail, police have named the man who may have married as many as 12 women as Robert Andrew Scott. They say he also uses the Muslim name Jamaluddin Mustafa and is usually seen in Islamic robes.

Scott claimed to have fought with militant groups in Bosnia, according to the Malaysian newspaper the Star: “Using the Muslim name Jamaluddin Mustafa, the 43-year-old married women of several nationalities, including those from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indonesia, France, Morocco, Germany and Britain. He recently divorced two of his Malaysian wives.”

The paper reported that Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, an official of the Operations/Counter Terrorism division of the Special Branch, said most of the women targeted by Scott were professionals such as bank officers and university lecturers, and Scott took their money after marrying them.

He said reports suggested that Scott was once involved in a tariqat (missionary) movement in London and joined a mujahiddin (freedom fighters) group in Bosnia.

The officer said he had learned of a report that Scott had been held for the murder of a doctor in Bosnia but family members – it is not known which family – had successfully filed an application for his release.

‘While he has been involved in militant work in Bosnia, he has not shown such tendencies while in Malaysia,’ said Mr Pitchay.  “We are monitoring his marriages and what his real motives are.”


Writers who have come forward anonymously on Facebook allege that the exact number of his wives is unknown because Scott never divorces them officially through the authorities.


‘Some victims truly believe there are more than 10,’ claimed one writer, who described Scott as a ‘heretical and deviant Muslim’. 


Further claims against Scott say that he is a ‘manipulator of emotions’ who will try to coax innocent women into having pre-marital sex and then within a matter of weeks will pressure them to marry ‘in haste’.


Once married, alleges a writer, he will brainwash the wife by twisting Islam and ordering her to obey the husband at all costs.


Police are now investigating claims that he has taken large amounts of money from his wives before deserting them, even though they have had children by him.