Mustards demand (and get) prompt hijab approval for Victoria's police service

It hasn’t been police force for quite some time,  at least not since Christine Nixon turned it into a “service”. Now you are being served by the law of allah, what difference does it make?

HMMMM…enforcing our laws is KUFR and haram according to stringent Islamic teaching.

From Al AGE

Photo: Simon O’Dwyer Constable Maha Sukkar yesterday became the first Victoria Police officer to…

2 thoughts on “Mustards demand (and get) prompt hijab approval for Victoria's police service”

  1. So who do you call now when you need protection from the Criminal Muhammadan in Victoria.
    Obviously NOT the Victorian Police Force anymore.

    The Victorian police ALSO bullied the people supporting the no-mosque in Bendigo protest.

    The Victorian Police are now considered to be Assistors and Enablers of isalm and Traitors and Seditionist toward the Majority of Victorians and Australians who are not Muhammadans.

    Can I Rightly say – Oh Woe are non-Muhammadans!
    Possibly – but you never know what is just around the next corner.
    I do know it wont be Santa.

    It could be the end of Dhimmis!
    And Expuslion or “Expulsion” of Muhammadans – (perhaps the ones who aren’t Sterilised) – nah – don’t discriminate.

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