No, Pope Francis: we are not 'brothers and sisters in humanity'

In fact, Islam doesn’t consider non-Muslims human at all.

This pope would be well advised to stop his senseless  kumbaya overtures to those who want to annihilate us.

Here is his Ramadan message, which is written in a spirit of delusional submissivness  and shameful cowardice. According to this message by the “Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue” the Vatican has swallowed the bait that God and Allah is one and the same hook, line and verse.

Vatican sends message to Muslim world for end of Ramadan

It seems to make no difference to this South-American redistributor that Christians around the world are suffering more than at any time in history, whole communities are being annihilated.

In Iraq, the Christians are being routed.

An Appeal From Iraqi Christians To The West: “We Are Being Exterminated. Help Us.”

Celebrating Ramadan – From the White House to Gaza

The true meaning of Ramadan:

“The [Prophet], peace and blessing be upon him, used to carry out the jihad during the [month of] Ramadan and to order his companions to strengthen themselves for encountering their enemy….”

“The [Prophet] … was the greatest of the mujahideen. Fasting did not stop him from taking part in invasions. He took part in six invasions during nine years; all of them occurred during the [month of] Ramadan. He committed formidable deeds during the [month of] Ramadan such as destroying al-Darrar Mosque [built by the hypocrites], smashing the famous statues of the Arabs, meeting with delegations, marrying the mother of the believers Hafsah and conquering Mecca during the [month of] Ramadan.

“The bottom line is that the month of Ramadan was a month of diligence, jihad and sacrifice in the life of the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and not as many Muslims in our time who do not understand this and turn it into month of indulgence, laziness, inactivity and idleness.”

“O Allah, help us to follow the tradition of your Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and bless us with his way of life [Sunnah], and our nation with his [Islamic] Law [Sharia].”

So which Islamic principles are Americans supposed to share? Shari’a? JIhad? Killing the Jews and the infidels? Destroying non-Muslim (Kufer) worship places? Pillaging? Stoning? More from  Rachel Ehrenfeld

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