Ramadan Terror (July 01, 2014)

From the Eye on the world bloodspot:

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 01, 2014)

(Syria) Bitter fighting between Islamic rebels and ISIS terrorists after the latter attacked the town of Akhtarin in northern Aleppo saw 10 of these chinless wonders killed.

(Iraq) In Iraq, the army killed five ISIL militants in Fallujah, Anbar province, and destroyed two vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft weapons. In Iraq’s Salahuddin province, government aircraft dropped barrel bombs filled with high-explosives, oil and shrapnel, killing six civilians and wounding ten others. Provincial governor Ahmad al-Juburi called for the Iraqi military to be more careful in distinguishing between civilians and combatants.

(Afghanistan) A total of 27 armed Taliban were killed, 21 wounded and six other militants were captured during clean-up operations across Afghanistan as security forces continue to press the terrorists ahead of foreign forces withdrawal by the end of the year, said the Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

(West Bank) A Hamas terrorist was shot dead by the IDF when he was caught in the act of lobbing a hand grenade at troops carrying out searches after the discovery of 3 murdered teens.

(Kurdish Iraq) A civilian was killed in a terrorist attack by ISIS in Northeastern Baquba on Monday.

(Kurdish Iraq) Abu Bakr al-Shishani, who was the head terrorist for ISIS in Kirkuk, is now a dead terrorist after he stopped a number of fast moving bullets yesterday. Joining him in death were another 49 of his fellow terrorists who found out the hard way that Kurds defending their homeland will fight back.

(Malaysia) A family breaking fast at a restaurant were horrified, when an uncle slit the throat of his four-year-old nephew for no apparent reason. It transpires that the 23-year-old saw his nephew playing alone and after calling him over, murdered him.

(Yemen) 2 policemen were shot dead this morning in a drive-by shooting in central Al-Bayda province by gunmen riding a motorbike.

(C.A.R) In the African state of Central African Republic, Ugandan peacekeeping troops killed 15 terrorists from the Muslim Seleka group which took power over the the majority Christian country by force and then found out the hard way, that killing the majority Christian population results in a huge backlash. 3 Ugandan troops were also killed.

(Kuwait) An Indian working in Kuwait, slit the throat of his Bangladeshi room-mate after Suhoor (Ramadan pre-fasting dawn meal), telling police he had done so because the victim was mistreating him by treating him as a servant and not a friend.

(Somalia) In their 4th attack over Ramadan, The Somali Terrorist group shot dead 3 Policemen in the capital Mogadishu , this was quickly followed by the shooting dead of 2 clan elders  in Afgoye, a district 30 km southwest of the capital.

(Nigeria) A car bomb exploded Tuesday in a market in Maiduguri, the northeast Nigerian city that is the birthplace of Boko Haram Islamic extremists. Initial reports claim 56 people have been killed. Thankfully due to Ramadan, the market was a lot less busy than it normally would be.

Ramadan death toll is now at 591.

Ramadan blood lust: Somali al-Shabaab warns of violent attacks during Ramadan

Mogadishu - Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab militants have warned they will step up attacks in the Somali capital Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan, which started on Sunday.

In an audio message released on the Shabaab-controlled station Radio Andalus and also on an Islamist website, the group’s commander in charge of Mogadishu operations, Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein, said the time had come when violence will be at a peak.

His statement came just a few hours after the Somalia government deployed dozens of heavily armed police on key streets and roads in Mogadishu to counter attacks.

“The attacks will increase and explosions will continue, Mogadishu will remain a frontline and even worse than ever,” said Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein.

“Everything that is related to devotion to Allah including Jihad must be intensified during the holy month of Ramadan and to ensure this objective, the Mujahedeen fighters will scale up strikes on the enemy,” he added.


Ah, the things they do for Allah in the name of their Religion of Peaceâ„¢.