The Jihad Against the Jews is 'Not a Religious War?'

Mohammedan headbangers lie in your face because they think the infidels are dumb, deaf and blind.

Arabs, no matter how much they hate each other, will always hate Israel more. Nothing is going to change that. (EoZ)

Moderate Abbas quotes Qur’an to present fighting for Israel as “war for Allah”Moderate Abbas quotes Qur’an to present fighting for Israel as “war for Allah”

Hussam Ayloush, executive director​ of the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles (CAIR-LA), said last week that “he wants American viewers to understand that the conflict is about illegal occupation of land and freedom and not a religious war.” So as to emphasize that these were his words, Ayloush tweeted out [ /Comments] Continue Reading »

Iran’s Supremo: Only solution for crisis is Israel’s destructionIran’s Supremo: Only solution for crisis is Israel’s destruction

“These crimes which are beyond imagination and show the true nature of the wolfish and child killer regime, which the only solution is its destruction.” This is, underneath the phony grievance-mongering and crocodile tears, a call for genocide of the Jews. “Iran Supreme Leader: The Only Solution For Crisis Is Israel’s Destruction,” by Reza Kahlili, [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

IDF smokes 10 Hamas terrorists who tunnelled their way into Israel 

Israel loses four soldiers

The military said some of the creeps were wearing Israeli army uniforms and were equipped with explosive belts. Four Israeli soldiers, including the commanding officer, died in the fight.

“The threat of a mortar bomb is nothing compared to a militant force of 10 men coming into our community to carry out a massacre,” said Shaike Shaked, one of the founders of a nearby Israeli africultural community, Netiv Haasara.

Who says there is no unity?

Mahmoud Abbas, faced with a decision to support or oppose Hamas terror, decided that terror is the way to go. He praised the Hamas “resistance” – which means he is praising rockets to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Here is the official announcement from the PA leadership (translation by MEMRI):

abbas hamas

2 thoughts on “The Jihad Against the Jews is 'Not a Religious War?'”

  1. *the conflict is about illegal occupation of land and freedom and not a religious war.” *

    If this muppet is talking about Arab illegal occupation I could thoroughly agree with the statement. But it is the Arab who are the illegal occupiers. They have no title to the land they lost when Israel was ‘attacked’ in 67′ not by one heroic and brave Arab country but 3.

    With overwhelming numbers against Israel they managed to repel the Arabs so to the victors go the spoils of war.

    Arabs have no right to ‘demand’ they chose their side and LOST. Get over it and get out. Time to cleanse the land of filth Israel, you are letting idol worshippers desecrate G-ds land!

  2. There is no country and no people in the world that has a greater claim to a land than Israel. Theirs is a biblical, historical, a legal and a moral claim. Yes, on top of all there is the undeniable claim of conquest, written in blood, and a million other things that have so much more weight than the preposterous claims of the Arab rabble around them, who were by and large wandering tribes in the desert, who plundered and raped other tribes, who produced nothing of value, and who parasitically claim the world belongs to their ‘allah’.

    Dare to compare: what gives Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Bangladesh the right to exist? Do you remember how they came into existence? They should be asked to justify their existence, and that should be done soon, and it can be done. What’s missing is ‘der Wille zur Macht’.

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