"The Metropolitan police is investigating"

“4 innocent Muslims”

Memorial to 7/7 jihad victims vandalized 


Memorial to 7/7 jihad victims vandalized hours before 9th anniversary commemorations

77Memorialgraffiti-300x167“7/7 memorial defaced on anniversary of 2005 attacks with ‘Blair lied thousands died’ graffiti”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘The 7/7 memorial was vandalised in the early hours of the morning. Words were graffitied on to it. No arrests have been made and police are making inquiries.’

Four suicide bombers detonated their rucksack devices in four locations on the morning of July 7 2005, killing the 52 and injuring hundreds of others, some seriously.

The suicide bombings were carried out by Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay, Shehzad Tanweer who all died.

“Germaine Lindsay” was, of course, a convert to Islam, but the Daily Mail tries to obscure this fact by not giving his Muslim name. (JW)

For the record: Islamic jihad massacres, London, 7/7 2005-

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  1. Me. Me. Me.

    The ultimate narcissists, Moslems always disrupt other peoples “moment” or holy days and make it about them.

    Sometime in the near future, they will come to regret that they did not remain under the radar and they will bemoan the attention that they embraced from 9/11 and onward.

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