When perverts make laws: Denmark orders church to hold same-sex marriages

Denmark did not order any mosque to marry homosexuals. Why not?

Andrew Bolt

The intolerance of the tolerance movement:

Denmark’s Parliament last week voted by a large margin to force churches belonging to the state Lutheran Church to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies inside their sanctuaries. The law goes into effect June 15.

Under the legislation, individual priests can refuse to carry out the ceremony, but they cannot forbid the ceremony from taking place in their church building.


The new law stipulates that individual priests have the right to refuse to conduct the ceremony but, should that happen, local bishops are charged with finding a replacement.

How did conscience and faith become a matter for the state to determine?

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  1. “How did conscience and faith become a matter for the state to determine?”

    I think it has something to do with the close relationship between the official churches and the governments of countries, such as Denmark, which fund churches via the tax system; see Wikipedia:

    In countries without an “established” church, or without this sort of relationship between “church(es)” and “state”, we can take for granted the independence of churches, but I suspect that the arrangement in Denmark (and similar countries) leads to the church being dependent on government, in a subordinate servant-like relationship to the state. This would likely lay them open to such regulation in matters of doctrine and practice; a poor bargain, IMO!

    It would lead to a popular view that the church is practically just another government department and that it should therefore do as it is told by its government masters.

    I wonder if there are independent churches in Denmark, who choose freedom from such restrictions, at the cost of having to rely fully on donations from adherents, as is the case of churches in Australia, for example. If there are, I would hope that they would be able to refuse these orders.

  2. This happened not last week, but two years ago, and concerns ONLY the the Church of Denmark.

    The Church of Denmark is the State church, the head of the church is Queen Margrethe, the head of church administration is the government minister for church affairs, and the ruling assembly of the church is the Danish parliament.

    First the Danish parliament amended the marriage laws to make them gender neutral, municipal civil wedding officiants are required to marry any couple that requests it and fulfills the requirements, while religious wedding officiants are allowed, but not required, to do so.

    Then, acting in their role as ruling assembly of the Church of Denmark, they decided that the Church would perform same-sex marriages, with an opt-out clause for individual priests.

    And since a solid majority of both members and pastors of the church of Denmark favors same-sex marriages, it is hardly correct to say that they were “forced”.

    1. Interesting. So the Church of Denmark is a State Church of homosexuality by popular demand?

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