Who wouldn’t feel bad after a visit from Hanson-Young?

Exasperated Australians are once again severely tested by the unhinged Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:

Recognising the ridiculous (Bernhard Gaynor)

Hanson-YoungWho wouldn’t feel bad after a visit from Hanson-Young?

Andrew Bolt

Sarah Hanson-Young makes me feel depressed and angry, too, so I fully understand:

AN internal report provided to the Immigration Department has warned that, when Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young turns up at a detention centre, there is a corresponding spike in “incidents” involving asylum seekers.

The operational brief provided by the security company Serco to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection claimed “high profile” visits to detention centres sparked an increase in reportable “incidents” and “adverse behaviour” among detainees…

The Serco report, however, revealed that, during a visit by the Senator to Christmas Island between January 24 to 28 this year, the number of incidents more than doubled to 15 from an average of around six.

An accompanying graph showed the number of incidents peaked at 15 on the second day of her visit. It did not specify the types of incidents but claimed the visits caused “anxiety” and “elevated levels of adverse behaviour”.

I’m sure Hanson-Young does not wish or intend harm, but there is no question that reports of trouble in detention centres is useful to the cause of “refugee” advocates. I suspect detainees know this, and are also made by supporters to feel like victims rather than queue-jumpers.

SHY Insults India:

Why do journalists treat Hanson-Young seriously?

GREENS senator Sarah Hanson-Young is to border policy what Eddie the Eagle was to ski jumping — failure doesn’t stop her.

It is extraordinary, however, that someone so rash, wrong and irresponsible on asylum-seeker issues is the go-to person for many in the media… The Australian describes the child-Senator well….

Perhaps it wouldn’t matter so much if this stupidity weren’t so lethal. The destruction of the Howard Government’s border laws by Labor, with the Greens cheering it on, resulted in 1200 boat people being lured to their deaths at sea.

Why didn’t the Left get this upset about the 1200 it lured to their deaths?

” Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

Greens also cause “accidents” and “tragedies”.  (From Tim Blair’s SARAH CAUSE-EFFECT)

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  1. Does being a Senator require a “Competency Certificate”.

    and neither does “being” a Politician
    Oh ! …. Well these positions should!

    Representation should be “revoked” when STUPID is determined!
    Not all things can be determined at election time apparently.
    Sometimes the electors are at fault ….

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