Why is the ABC spreading Muslim Brotherhood propaganda?

Muselprop stinks. The ABC are the running dogs of Islamistan:

Why is the ABC broadcasting Al Jazeera?

Andrew Bolt


Of all the broadcasters in all the world, the ABC chooses al Jazeera to broadcast into Australia on its taxpayer-funded facilities, twice a day, every day.  We need the Doha regime’s broadcaster to interpret world politics to us?

Know that Doha supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn is close to Hamas, the terrorist group which runs Gaza. And so, not surprisingly, this is the top of today’s menu of opinion pieces on the al Jazeera website:


Get it off.  Or let’s have the ABC also donate two hours a day to a news service from Israel.

Why not?


3 thoughts on “Why is the ABC spreading Muslim Brotherhood propaganda?”

  1. Not only are the ABC and the SBS broadcast AlJezeera with you and I paying, but they are out-doing AlJeezera.

    Why are they propagandists for islam? Greens (globally) are for the legalisation of pedophilia, pedophilia found to be nearly “institutionalised” in the BBC, pedophilia sanctified and followed by muslims…..hmmmm

  2. @Rita,

    I have to second, Pray Hard.

    The Left are indeed perverse.

    Look back into British Labour’s history in the UK and you will see that during the 70’s and 80’s Labour members like Harriet Harman and her husband along with Labour MP, Patricia Hewitt were all supporters of the sickening P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange). Although, now the feminist, Ms. Harperson denies such associations. Seeing that it is politically incorrect and all.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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