Andrew Bolt: Australia is "being asked to assimilate to immigrant values"

“Immigrant values” means Islam, submission to sharia, of course. 

Those “immigrants” don’t ask nicely, they demand that we submit. Or else.

SafariScreenSnapz131Andrew Bolt:

“Don’t blame Tony Abbott  because he did try. He found immovable forces….”

Andrew Bolt says dumping of changes to Racial Discrimination Act section 18C is ‘dangerous’

On the 2GB segment, Bolt said his prosecution and the subsequent banning of his articles was “astonishing”.

He also claimed Australia is “being asked to assimilate to immigrant values” in response to Mr Abbott’s decision to drop the changes.

“He announced that he was dumping the free speech changes at a press conference actually called to announce fresh new measures, strong measures against terrorism, people who had been fighting for jihadist groups overseas and would be coming back radicalised and with superior killing knowledge and pose a danger to us,” Bolt said.

He referenced Mr Abbott’s comment that everyone needs to be part of “team Australia” when it comes to counter terrorism.

“What he is saying is the very people, the very ethnic groups that would take exception to 18C are the same ones that are, in part, some of them, affected or take offence to the anti-terrorism legislation. To make them feel not picked on he’ll retain laws against free speech,” Bolt said.

As for who those who might “feel picked on by terrorism measures”, Bolt identified “obviously Muslims, jihadists, people from the Middle East.”

“Don’t we need a frank debate, more frank than it’s been so far, into how the Islamic culture, Muslim culture, how they integrate here? That is a very difficult and dangerous discussion.”

Despite his anger, the News Corp commentator and Bolt Report host said he did not blame Mr Abbott for dumping the 18C changes.

“Tony Abbott I’m not blaming because he did try. He found immovable forces … he couldn’t have got it through the Senate,” he said.

“I don’t think politically he had any option.” 

2 thoughts on “Andrew Bolt: Australia is "being asked to assimilate to immigrant values"”

  1. “Don’t we need a frank debate, more frank than it’s been so far, into how the Islamic culture, Muslim culture, how they integrate here? That is a very difficult and dangerous discussion.”

    Just do the following ….
    It is imperative to stop Muhammadan immigration and then expel or “expel” all Muhammadans absolutely.

  2. Too much debates are the fuel for defeat! “Bilateral Reciprocity” should simply applied. Examples:

    1. If “you” are a Muslim “refuge”… assistance and rescue is due of course… but afterwards you should be re-directed to a rich Shia or Sunni countries where you can live and grow in your proper Ummah… and leave in peace those countries unwilling to accept your extremely graceful Sharia and related theocracy.

    2. If you are from a Muslim country used to reciprocate immigration, freedom and human rights, then you should be able to apply for migration and residence in Australia.

    3. If “you” of whatever stock say that you like freedom and wish to migrate to any Western country… you should not plot to implement the system and the ideology which have caused your refuge status, your poverty and your migration or exile. If you do… it simply means that you you should be re-dericted to one of your rich Ummah countries where you’ll feel better at home – with Our Blessing and understanding.

    4. If you clearly belong to point 3 and you already reside in a free Western country… it is fair you should have a reasonable time (maybe 6-12 months) too get ready and repatriate. If you don’t your “Bilateral Reciprocity Allowance” should be reduced as you go and rich a limit time – let’s say 24 months.

    5. If you wish to build a “temple”… a check over your original country and specific theology should take place… and see what is the policy for the building and the survival of churches in the country were you come from. If your country is in the black list of “Church Destroyers & Christian’s Persecutors” then you should have the chance to discuss the issue of your true democratic credentials. If such credentials will be defeated by future evidences, then you should too enjoy the privilege of repatriation and in some cases your “temple” should suffer the loss of the licence to exist.

    6. If “you” are one of those strong boys – well groomed and fed in the West after your ancestors have enjoyed assistance, rescue and naturalisation – and you return from a killing campaign against Christians to establish your autocratic version of a republic… then at the gate you should be imprisoned and processed for crimes against humanity and high treason. Actually you should enjoy the defence before a military high court…
    Better you do not return and leave the beauty of your autocracy where you are and wait to see what happen…

    7. In the meantime a vital and safe percentage should be established to check case by case what is the safe demography for each specific stock.
    I would say that that West has the full right to close the immigration for any specific entity in consideration of security and strategic reasons and degree of consistent bilateral credentials, mainly based upon the Rule of Reciprocity.

    8. Reverse the crisis and the criticism of Judeo-Christianity… because is from there (mainly) were your world comes from. Freemasonry and even International Socialists should realise that their true success or survival would not have been achieved in an exclusive Illuministic environment. Illuminism – like Communism – had some interesting idea to achieve Justice for all and Freedom, but both of them have showed the incapability to change the evil of the human nature. Albert Pike clearly stated so in his “Morals and Dogma”. If you’ll decide to reverse the harassment against Judeo-Christianity the chance to preserve, improve and defend together our civilisation will become more realistic.

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