Anti-mosque page "not hate, but truth"

By EMMA-JAYNE SCHENK/ Bendigo Advertiser


THE administrator for the ‘Stop the Mosque in Bendigo’ Facebook page, which was recently removed and then reinstated, says the page brings a message of truth which needed to be heard.

The page was removed by Facebook on Tuesday after many residents reported it for hate speech.

Facebook ruled the page violated its community standards, however it was reactivated just over 12 hours later after the page’s administrators successfully appealed the ruling.

Administrator Monika Evers claims the page was closed over a post calling for Muslim leaders in Australia to sign a “muslim charter of understanding” abolishing violence against other religions.

She blames an “anti-bogan campaign” on wordpress for the page’s temporary removal.

“Yes we are back. I can already hear the groans about that, but just consider we are like an old fashioned tonic,” she said.

“Some things you just have to endure because in the end it just is just plain good for the system.”

Ms Evers recently withdrew her opposition to the Bendigo mosque proposal, after her bid to stay anonymous was denied by the Victorian planning tribunal.

She said herself and fellow administrators of the Facebook page believed their message about Islam was true and an important one for the community to consider,

“Otherwise frankly why would we all be doing it,” she said.