Arabs turn against Hamas…

Thanks to the eye on the world:

Finnish TV Reporter at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital: ‘It’s True That Rockets Are Launched Here From the Gazan Side Into Israel’ (VIDEO)

(Algemeiner) A television reporter from Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, the “Helsinki Dispatch,” spent the night reporting from Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, where she saw Hamas militants launching a rocket from the hospital’s parking lot, confirming a war crime that few journalists have dared report.

‘Heil Hitler’, ‘Burn In Hell’: Attacks On Jews Up A Third In Britain – this is not a “Tell Mama” affair.

Islamic State to Join Hamas to Fight the ‘Barbaric Jews’ —They will meet their virgins soon enough.

And there you thought it will never happen in Australia. Katzenjammer in Sydney, 25 July 2014
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Dumbing Down in California

Learning about Diversity Is More Important Than Learning Geography

El Rancho Verde Unified School District will stop requiring its high-school students to take geography and instead require them to take a class on diversity and inclusion.

ERUSD president Aurora Villon said the class is necessary because minority students “need to feel validated.”

U.S.Obama Military can’t keep up:

An independent panel appointed by the Pentagon and Congress said Thursday that President Obama’s strategy for sizing the armed services is too weak for today’s global threats. (source)

CNN video: Arab states turn against Hamas

Across the Arab world, leaders are looking the other way, abandoning Hamas in its conflict with Israel.