Australia: cutting welfare payments would only make Muslims more violent….

Leftists are certifiably insane.


Leftist morons warn PM Tony Abbott NOT to cut welfare benefits for Muslim extremists or they will become even more violent

Australian terrorism so-called ‘experts’ have questioned the government’s move to cut welfare payments to people involved in extremist conduct, saying it could push potential extremists into the arms of terror organizations.

Monash University professor Greg Barton said that in cutting welfare payments, the government risked losing the trust of the broader Muslim community.

Victoria University Professor Michele Grossman said people drawn to extremism already felt alienated from the community and that the federal government’s plan would ”compound” people’s lack of belonging.–Leftist morons warn PM Tony Abbott NOT to cut welfare benefits for Muslim extremists or they will become even more violent


Quote of the week:

“Look at the filth of the Kuffar and how they lie,” writes Bilaal Abdullah. “They have the nerve to say a bookstore is evil but a pub is good.” (THE NERVE! – Tim Blair)

SBS: when its not Homo Promo, its whitewashing of Mohammedanism

That’s the spirit:

Islamic State (ISIS) message to the United States: “We will drown all of you in blood” (BNI)

Bvbagu5CUAA7l0H.jpg-large-e1408495417564JAMES FOLEY, American photojournalist, has been beheaded by the Islamic State (ISIS) savages

Plenty of gruesome pictures from BNI

Andrew Bolt talks to “out of context” spokesturd Keysar Trad:

You may find my conversation with the Islamic Friendship Association’s Keysar Trad interesting. Listen here.

My main questions were: just how many people did Trad, a media favorite really represent? And with his past, why on earth is the Prime Minister consulting with him on anti-terrorism proposals?

You may find the later responses of three Muslim listeners extremely heartening.–Talking to Keysar Trad

5 thoughts on “Australia: cutting welfare payments would only make Muslims more violent….”

  1. Australia: cutting welfare payments would only make Muhammadans more violent ….”

    This will Absolutely Not cause increased Muhammadan Violent Behaviour – they are going to do what Muhammadans do (Violent Behaviour) – Anyway.
    Better to Expel or “Expel” All Muhammadans – NOWIMMEDIATELY – no incarceration period is appropriate.

    Praise be to “allah” for the “Revelations” (despite kitman or Taqiyya) of islam’s Muhammadans intentions.
    For Nothing will Save even the “Native” Born Australian Muhammadan – (or “The Greens” from a beheading).
    (Thanks Gough)!

  2. UPDATE:
    (or “The Greens” from a Muhammadans beheading).
    This is already a fact proven by – “James Foley

  3. Bolt is starting to show more and more insight into the Islamic agenda but he does slip back into old habits of taking them at face value. On today’s blog ( he reported being contacted by younger Muslims and went on to refer to the backlash:

    “Even an idiot would understand Muslim Australians have much to fear from a jihadist terrorism on Australian soil. There would be the sorrow for the deaths, of course. But the backlash against the many decent Muslims here could be ugly ”

    This is the usual canard put forward by so-called moderate Muslims at times when fundamentalists display the fundamentals of Islamic hostility to us filthy kuffr to distract attention from the atrocities by painting Muslims as the ultimate victims. Despite it being rolled out everytime there has never been a backlash, just more grovelling towards moderate Muslims hoping they won’t become fundamentalists. The day after 9/11 Bush declared Islam to be a Religion of Peace. After 7/7 and after the London beheading UK authorities couldn’t absolve Islam fast enough. After Madrid the Spanish pulled their contingent from the Middle East and appointed a pregnant woman as Minister for Capitulation (sorry, Defence) and after both Bali bombings the Australian government wouldn’t mention JIM. So where did Bolt get this idea? From Muslims of course.

    Any reading of comments on his blogs leads to the conclusion that it is not Muslims that people are getting fed up with for they are just doing what one can expect them to do. Any backlash will be, or should be, against the traitorous politicians, starting with Fraser, who invited the Muslims in and then Labor who kept bringing them in for miserable votes and their Parliamentary jobs and pensions. Even that is a galling insult for if Labor stopped pandering to the Islamic voters what will happen: nothing. They aren’t suddenly going to start voting Liberal for heaven’s sake.

    1. Bolt needs to name those “decent” Muslims. None of them will criticise Islam, none of them will stand with ‘Team Australia’. The cult(-ure) of Islam regards those who don’t join the jihad as hypocrites who must be killed. And we know where Ed Husic and Ahmed Fahur stand. They may wear suits and talk the talk; but when push comes to shove one swears by the Koran and the other introduces sharia finance and builds an Islamic museum with Aussie taxpayer dollars. In the final analysis, the moderates are indeed those who hold you down while the ‘radicals’ chop your head off.

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