Beheadings are totally unislamic, right?

Abbott sickened by journalist beheading

Aren’t we all? Here are some gruesome pic’s about what ISIS are doing in Iraq and Syria


Muselmaniacs reject new terror laws.

Of course, of course. Islam, which has nothing to do with terrorism, rejects all infidel defences against it.

This is absurd. Imagine if the judiciary were to negotiate with criminals about criminal law. You don’t negotiate with Mohammedans, you smash them utterly and make it impossible for them to spread their poison. Reversal of Mohammedan migration is the next step.

Leading members of the Australian Muslim community have today dismissed planned new terror laws. (The AGE)

A statement signed by a large number of Muslim sheiks, community leaders, activists and organisations argues there is no evidence to substantiate the threat the federal government says is posed by radicalised Muslims returning from Iraq and Syria. Islam is – as we know – the only true religion of peace, and whoever says otherwise is either misinformed, racist or mentally unstable….See More

Islamic State jihadist justifies beheading as “100% Islam”

Khalid bin Walid(ra) beheaded 70,000 Persian prisoners of war after the battle of Ullias, its 100% Islaam, in case a munafiq says it isn’t. — Abu Mansoor (@TaifaMansoora) August 19, 2014 He said it. Will some “moderate” spokesman in the West show why he is wrong on Islamic grounds. Almost certainly not, and no mainstream [ /Comments] Continue Reading »

They will never fight for Australia, but they will learn how to shoot our soldiers in the back
Prospective Navy Cadet Unit in Western Sydney
A small but growing number of young Muslims are heading overseas and gaining combat experience that some fear may be used against Australia. Meanwhile, a navy cadet program in Western Sydney is training young Muslims who may one day fight for Australia.
Obama knew of Islamic State threat to murder journalist, resumed vacationObama knew of Islamic State threat to murder journalist, resumed vacation

And now the White House is “appalled.” It’s just jihad, after all. How appalling! Anyone up for a round of golf? “White House Knew of Recent ISIS Threat to Kill US Journalist,” by Arlette Saenz, ABC News, August 20, 2014: ISIS had recently threatened to kill U.S. journalist James Foley to avenge airstrikes the United [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

3 thoughts on “Beheadings are totally unislamic, right?”

  1. How intelligent …..
    All Muhammadans are programmed from Birth or “Revert” to ….
    (Ensure non-Muhammadans Either)
    – “Submit to islam, or pay the jizya with willing submission else we (Muhammadans) will kill you.”

    The only solution – Prohibit ‘The Central Message of islam !’

    You dont go and give Muhammadans military training – They will use it against you – Stupid Politicians.

  2. You have to be kidding – Muhammadans in the Australian Armed Services.
    Get the Muhammadans out of the Australian Armed Services – and Australia.

    You cannot Deport an Australian Born Muhammadan – is a phrase being put around.

    Alright – but you can either Expel or “Expel” These Muhammadans.
    Beside – Laws are always being changed to suit new unforeseen circumstances.
    Alright Then – A New Law – No Muhammadan is allowed Residency in Australia

    Anyway – “Expel” -(Does Not Equal)- Expel.
    “Expel” is the better option to give All Muhammadans(male/female/child).

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