Hugh Fitzgerald: Please list those Muslim contributions to the American fabric, Mr President!


On Twitter, Obama’s Eid al-Fitr statement about Muslim “contributions” to American society, was dismised by William Fitzsimonds, treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia as nonsense.. Others in the Republican Party, including one David Ramadan and of course CAIR,  have deplored his remark as “bigotry” — apparently no questioning of such a remark is conceivable or tolerable — and demanded that he resign;  he has refused.. But none of those asking for his resignation have come up with any examples of the “Muslim contributions” to American society. We’re all ears.  Here.

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Past leaders take issue with current president’s revisionist history 

President  Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama’s remarks thanking Muslims for “building the very fabric of our nation” and claiming they were in part responsible for “the core of our democracy” have left many in and outside of Washington scratching their heads. But the Founding Fathers would find the comments even more baffling.  Far from incorporating Islam into America’s early tapestry, their own writings reveal the Founding Fathers were at war with the creed and its adherents.


Robert Spencer: 5 Ways Muslims Have Contributed to ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’

Obama said it, so it must be true, right? My latest in PJ Media:

Last Sunday, in his message congratulating Muslims on Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Barack Obama wrote: “Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” That’s right: he said “achievements and contributions.” I could only think of five. Maybe you will be able to think of some more. Read the rest here.

More from Hugh Fitzgerald:

I’ve been watching more television than is good for me. And I’ve noticed three words put into circulation — where are the students of Cloud Media, or Media Cloud, to analyse the first use and frequency of certain words and phrases (starting with “the Palestinian people”), putting those whirring computers to work in a good cause?

Those three little words are:

Occupation — as when Chris Cuomo talked about how the demand of the Gazan Arabs was an “end to the occupatiion.” (this was said without comment, apparently in full acceptance of that notion)

Carnage — as in, “so now that the ceasefire has broken down, the carnage will continue.”

Impoverished — as in, always as in, “impoverished Gaza.

I’ve already noted that the Gazan Arabs are much richer — nearly twice as rich — as the Arabs in Egypt and Libya. And what’s more, the Gazan Arabs have a full-time international staff providing them with schools and health care, free of charge, unlike the Arabs in Egypt or Yemen or anywhere else. So whatever else the Gazan Arabs are, they are not “impoverished” and it would be good if those debating this matter, on the side of Israel and the truth, were to make that clear, to raise that matter whenever anyone uses the word “impoverished.” Get the facts, get them by heart, then use them.

As to “carnage” — “carnage” is a word that one rarely hears nowadays, when one side is Western. I don’t remember ever reading about the “carnage” during the American attack in Fallujah,  nor about the “carnage” that resulted from the NATO (, American) bombing of Serbia, nor the “carnage” that was the result of the NATO bombing in Libya. The word “carnage” is sometimes used about the two different Muslim sides in the Syrian conflict, but not consistently. The word really applies to the trench warfare — to the battles of the Somme, to Ypres, to those conflicts where tens of thousands go down the line and over the top, and die, in a single day, by the many tens of thousands on either side. “Carnage” is Kursk and Stalingrad, “carnage” is the Siege of Leningrad, “carnage” is what happened when the army of West Pakistan entered East Pakistan to suppress, between 1969 and 1970, the independence movement. “Carnage” is the mass murder by the Muslim army of Indonesia of the Christians of East Timor. “Carnage” is what happened to the Christians of the South Sudan, at Muslim hands, and in Darfur, at Muslim Arab hands. All that is “carnage.” Israel’s scrupuous attempts, in hellishly difficult circumstances, to minimize civilian casualties — and in 22 days there have been fewer than seventy casualties per day among the Gazan Arabs. That in the world’s media constitutes “carnage” only because Israel is on one side, and every conceivable calumnious use of language is therefore permissible.

Now what about that “occupation”? Yes, I was getting to that. So,  what about that “occupation”?


“Anyone who complains about ‘disproportionality’ must explain exactly what the IDF should have done to neutralize the terrorist threat from Shajaiya [in Gaza].”

Is Israel using proportionate force? Dore Gold explains the problem of a free Democratic country fighting a radical terrorist organization who doesn’t abide by the rules of engagement. (source)

"Anyone who complains about 'disproportionality' must explain exactly what the IDF should have done to neutralize the terrorist threat from Shajaiya [in Gaza]."</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Is Israel using proportionate force? Dore Gold explains the problem of a free Democratic country fighting a radical terrorist organization who doesn't abide by the rules of engagement.</p><br /><br /><br /><br />

The intelligent assumption of this article is that this is a never-ending war. The unintelligent omission in this article  is the failure to discuss why: Islam is forever, and this or that war or campagin temporary, and the opposition by Muslims to Israel as an Infidel nation-state (and the Infidels in question being the Jews, historically despised, never feared (as Christians from the West were sometimes feared) will always exist. No occasion should ever be lost to make that point, and Israelis need it as do other non-Muslim peoples, for in the end the Jihad, whether conducted through the means of tunnels and 10,000 rockets, by Hamas, or by other means, including demographic conquest, unopposed by the non-Muslim indigenes, those indigenes nearly paralyzed,  still hamstrung by their own inability to recognize the danger and apparently incapable of systematically protecting itself against this domestic demographic threat because most people are afraid to say aloud what they think, and instead sink into the despairing wail of “but what can we do?”

The Gazan Arabs should not be rewarded in any way, and certainly not have even more aid lavished upon them. Even now, the Gazan Arabs in “impoverished Gaza” — it’s a phrase constantly repeated, and I’ve seen debate after debate where this “impoverishment” is never challenged by the speaker defending Israel, but a false one –have a GDP per capita nearly twice that of Egypt, and far more than Arabs, too, in Yemen, or in any Arab country unblessed with oil or gas. They’ve done this because they are the permanently spoiled children, the most-favored-“refugee” status having been acquired long ago, and kept, not because they are so special, but because of the desire by so many, for their own reasons, to harm the Jewish state. Were the Gazan Arabs anywhere else, with Israel uninvolved, no one would be lavishing aid upon them, or attention, and the Gazan Arabs would long ago have to try to make what living they could, instead of being on the permanent UNRWA-cum-billions-in-Western aid dole.

Harel makes clear that the lessons learned in the Gaza War will be useful, as a base, for the next war — the war against Hezbollah, for Hezbollah has tunnels, too, probably far more, and extending far deeper into Israel, into the Galilee (where the Arab population is very large) than the tunnels from Gaza. And instead of Hamas’s armory of10,000 rockets, Hezbollah has been allowed, by the U.N.I.F.I.L. and the Lebanese government, and by Israel too (whose citizens now fully realize that it was madness ever to have allowed such an arms-and-tunnel buildup by Hamas and even crazier to allow a far greater buildup by the far more dangerous Hezbollah) to acquire 100,000 missiles, and to build tunnels god knows how deeply underground, and how deep into Israel (though the soil in the north is not as easy to work with as the soil in Gaza). The war continues, because the Jihad goes on, and goes on everywhere. And the more the rest of the non-Muslim world realizes this, the better for Israel.



And what is that truth? That the “Christians and Druze” face (political) extinction, will be powerless in a Lebanon divided between two kinds of Islam: that of the Shi’a (now represented not by Amal, bad as it was, but by Hezbollah) and that of the Sunnis, and the old Sunni merchant class, still represented by soi-disant “moderate” leaders, do not reflect changes in the mentality of those whom they claim to represent, the Sunnis who, like Sunnis everywhere (unless they are suppressed by an alarmed and consequently ruthless regime), are listening to the siren song of ISIS, or people very much like those in ISIS, and liking what they hear, because what they hear is the real Islam, the Islam of the Qur’an, the Islam of the Sunna.

And meanwhile, the Druze in Israel now realize, more and more, that only in Israel are they safe, only in Israel are the government and people treating them decently. Some Druze discovered this early on, and serve in the IDF. Others are now being forced to discover this, by what is happening in Lebanon. The Jebel Druze not only has, but is on, a slippery slope.

The Vicar of Bray (Druze Division) may or should be asking himself: How many divisions has George Clooney?



An Orthodox bishop, in Lebanon, beginning to sound like a Maronite. There is a famous example of this: the greatest Lebanese statesman of the last or any century was the celebrated Charles Malik (I shook his hand once). Malik was a Maronite in Greek-Orthodox clothing. But Malik was always that way; Bishop Saliba is a latecomer.

George Saliba, Syrian Orthodox Bishop of Lebanon (he has, amusingly,  the same name as the anti-Israel professor of science at Columbia who becomes enraged when Western historians of science, such as Toby Huff, examine the intellectual stagnation in societies suffused with Islam), for a long time thought that if he could mimic the anti-Israel attitudes of his Islamic tormentors, he could fit in. He hasn’t read “The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam” by Bat Ye’or, but he’s been living it. You can ignore this reflexive, nasty, and wrong comment about how Jews have also treated Christians badly; you can take a former islamochristian out of his islamochristianity, but you can’t make him think sanely about Jews (or about Israel); that would require a total break with his past, and besides, what counts is not his see (or the Orthodox equivalent) but he is still living in a Muslim sea. But other Christians in the Middle East, including Maronites and some Copts, have seen the light on Israel, the sole conceivable source of local support and, by its example, succor to the Arabic-speaking (but not Arab) Christians of the Middle East.

But that jarring sentence, which to be charitable — yes, I know, why should we be? — might be merely the pro-forma anti-Jewish slant or rant that for the Orthodox in Lebanon, so different in this regard from the Maronites, has gotten used to expressing as a kind of verbal protection-money.  The main point is this: the Christians bet that they could fit in, bet that they could manage to survive in the world of Islam. But Islam, unadorned Islam, the real Islam, is now here for all to see. And the primitives, who always outnumber the other kind, the kind who want to continue to call themselves Muslims but not act as the Qur’an directs, nor to emulate in every respect Muhammad, are now loose and ready for blood and Jihad in the Lands of Islam, and not only there.

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  1. Gordon Brown, was forever gobbing off about the “enormous contribution” muslims make to UK society.
    I cannot remember him mentioning a single specific example.

  2. Rape gangs, leeching off benefits, abusing the inhabitants, turning the place to a third world shithole.. List is endless if you put your mind to it..

    Just because it’s an “enormous contribution”, doesn’t mean it has to be a positive one now hey?

  3. Obama’s Eid al-Fitr statement about Muslim “contributions” to American society, was dismised by William Fitzsimonds, treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia as nonsense.

    But but what about the New York skyline.

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