Islam or Ebola Virus: which is the bigger threat to Japan?

Million Muslims to Visit Japan in 2020

Japan sees gold in Muslim tourism (Unlikely. But this is from a Mustard website called ‘Halal Focus’)

There are more pictures on this website, here

n00070414-r-b-000 Singapore – Muslim visitors to Japan are expected to reach one million a year by 2020, triple the 2013 level, as it further opens up to tourists, a specialist travel firm said.

Sounds like a threat:

TOKYO – Japan’s efforts to offer Muslim-friendly services in its airports, hotels and restaurants are expected to pay off soon with the number of one million Muslims expected to visit the far-east country by 2020. Japan today is home to a thriving Muslim community of about 120,000, among nearly 127 million in the world’s tenth most populated country.

Japan is a largely homogeneous country with only around 100 000 practising Muslims, who have distinct needs when they travel including restaurants serving halal food and prayer rooms at airports, shopping malls and hotels.
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