Muslim leaders fear James Foley’s brutal beheading will cause backlash …

We need more understanding for ‘traumatised’ head choppers:
This interview is calm, polite, genial, and utterly chilling.  (Tim Blair)
Thanks to the Q-Society:
Have you heard the one about the ‘moderate Jihadist’? Is that the one who sterilizes his knife with camel urine before he cuts your head off?If you think this is a joke, wait til you know who referred to ISIS as attracting only moderate j… See More

Dear Philip Hammond, What EXACTLY is a ‘Moderate Jihadist’?
What exactly is a “moderate jihadist”? Is it someone who tweets photographs of severed heads but fights shy of getting his hands bloody? Someone who inclines towards enslaving captured women and children rather than burying them alive? One who only executes Yazidis but not Christians? (
“The Islamic State’s actions are an open book, and that book is the Quran”

Andrew Klavan, in the LA Times:  (Tim Blair)

It is not a journalist’s job to protect us from the ugly facts. Neither is it his job to protect the sensitive from the painful truth or anyone, really, from anything.


10 thoughts on “Muslim leaders fear James Foley’s brutal beheading will cause backlash …”

  1. In the Silma Ihran interview at 7.30 she says:

    “People will act in a criminal cause, and use a religion to further [that]. We’ve seen that in history time and again”

    A bandit leader named Muhammad circa 616-632 is a spectacularly good example.

  2. In the Silma (Anne) Ihran interview at 7.-19 she says:

    “no religious justification for doing it all ”

    but she does not explain:

    ” how they (Isis and other ) are misinterpreting the Islamic holy books”

    “The Islamic State’s actions are an open book, and that book is the Qur’an. American Muslim spokesmen would do well to explain how they are misinterpreting the Islamic holy books, but claims to that effect have been vague and short of references to problematic passages. As long as that refusal to confront the problem continues, so will the killing.”


    Why is the Islamic State Behaving this Way?

  3. Muslims fear a backlash hmm..

    Maybe its about time they received a backlash. I’m certainly sick of the bastards. Especially the way they prance around all so high and mighty pontificating how they are the ‘best’ etc.

    Scourge of the bloody earth.

    Silma Ihram (born Anne Frances Beaumont c. 1954) is an Australian pioneer of Muslim education in the West, founder and former school Principal of the ‘Noor Al Houda Islamic College’ in Sydney, and a campaigner for racial tolerance.

    Why is this MALEVOLENT ” Bitch” (“Revert”) still allowed to walk around in Australia’s Free Society.
    “Revert” Anne Frances Beaumont’s only purpose in life is to destroy everything non-islamic in Australia.

    “Revert” Anne Frances Beaumont’s Expulsion or “Expulsion” is the only solution to “Revert” Anne Frances Beaumont’s Malevolence.
    With “Expulsion” being the proper solution.

    islam is NOT A RACE.
    islam is a MALEVOLENT Criminal Organisation.

  5. Yes revert Anne Frances Beaumont aka Ma Silma, for an old hag with really bad teeth, is damn smooth. And that guy is clueless, she dropped a big brown nugget when she said there is absolutely nothing in Islam or the koran that justifies IS’ actions. Nothing ehh? Mind if I check the koran, ma? She practices taqiya, toquque and kitman. (deception, redirection, and false comparisons.) And smoothly too. No wonder she can snow these ‘journalists.’

  6. Vomit bucket please.


    I dont know who was more nauseating, the servile interviewer or the blatantly lying nasty female. Nasty because I’m sure she hurts little animals (or children) when no-one is watching.

    Send her off to do sex-jihad, fellate some head choppers, if for nothing else but to shut her up.

  7. One wonders how much convincing that PC pricks need to act against the murderous morons of Islam?

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