Headchopper promo in the media: 'brainwashed Queensland father was 'good hearted guy…'

The idiocy of our media-tards hits new heights:

“Queensland father” believed to be fighting for Islamic State in the Middle East was ‘brainwashed’ by radical sheik Musa Cerantonio

By Louise Cheer for Daily Mail Australia, who seems to be instructed to turn Mohammedan head choppers into “Queensland fathers”.

The 33-year-old’s friends described him as a ‘good-hearted guy’ but had been ‘brainwashed’ by Cerantonio – who is believed to be an influential IS figure – after hearing the radical sheik speak in Brisbane two years ago. … More ‘brainwashing’ at Mail Online thanks to Mullah, pbuh


“Tardiness” in “constructive meetings”

Attorney-General George Brandis says he received useful feedback at a meeting with Muslim leaders, who have criticised his tardiness and remain sceptical about proposed changes to anti-terrorism laws.

National Post advises:

Convert to Islam to avoid being murdered by jihadis

Kathy Shaidle’s comment on this appalling piece is excellent: “I would die before I would repeat those words under any circumstances. And yes, there is a ‘peaceful verse for every violent one.’ However, Muslims use abrogation to decide which verses are more authoritative. The later violent (‘sword’) verses cancel out the earlier, peaceful ones. ‘The […] Aug 30, 2014 Comments/Continue Reading »

Norway’s Prime Minister Uses Hadith from Prophet to Condemn ISIS

In Islam, unbelief is worse than slaughter and everything  that advances Islam is good. Best of all is jihad, which means murdering non muslims to establish the religion over everything else. Here, the misguided Mrs Solberg confuses good and bad in the western sense with the haram and halal of Islam:

According to the UK-based Alquds, Mrs. Solberg reportedly quoted the Hadith that says “whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith”. …

More false prophetry at Morocco World News/Aziz Allilou/ Mullah pbuh

In other news:

Islam, the religion of the professors:

Prof: To end appeal of Islamic State to Muslims, Europe must embrace IslamProf: To end appeal of Islamic State to Muslims, Europe must embrace Islam

Jocelyne Cesari is “senior research fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, and director of the Islam in the West Program at Harvard University.” In this piece she epitomizes what is wrong with academic discourse about Islam today: she doesn’t even mention the blazingly obvious reason for “the […] /Comments/Continue Reading »

"No such thing ever happened"

Israel ‘has not agreed return to 1967 borders’
Arab BS knows no bounds:

CIA now admits that President  Hussein Obama is a radical Islamic enemy of America


 A former CIA agent bluntly told the newspaper, World Net Daily, that America has switched sides in the war on terror under President Obama. Clare Lopez was willing to say what a few members of Congress have said in private, but declined to say on-the-record.

The Q-Society is bringing Clare Lopez to Australia, don’t miss it!

Australian Army Reserves Officer: ‘My Muslim Religion Has Problems that Need Fixing’

This man better get out while before his coreligionists fix him.


White House Blames Media For Obama ‘No Strategy’ Comment

The strategy is to pretend there is none. But a Muslim is always a Muslim, and Obama’s marching orders are not in doubt…..

Daily Mail: Obama Is ‘Barney Fife’ in the Face of ISIS Threat

Left Goes Ballistic over ISIS Waterboarding of Foley

I don’t give a hoot what the left does….

Gohmert: Gov’t Is Too Busy Watching Americans to Watch ISIS

That’s about right….

Fmr CIA Officer: ISIS ‘Would Have to be Silly’ to Not Exploit Border

Scheuer, always unimpressive…..

Feds Warn of ISIS Threat After O’Keefe Crossed Border in Bin Laden Mask

I guess it helped, but not much….

Report: Yazidis Still Under Siege on Mt. Sinjar, Despite White House Narrative

Always barking up the wrong tree, when they’re not barking mad:

Democrats More Afraid of Global Warming Than ISIS


 Jewish Community ‘Forced Out’ of Guatemalan Village 

I’m sure it helps Guatemala…. (LOL!)


Forget Nando's: 'this is the golden era of jihad'- head chopping is much better….

‘Are we content with eating Nando’s every week?’ British Jihadi’s call to arms as family tell how they thought he was studying in Germany

Parvez comes from a stable home in west London. He is pictured here before he travelled to Iraqn

Londoner Hamzah Parvez, 21, claims he has been fighting for the violent extremists for five months, and calls on other Muslim Britons to give up their weekly Nandos and ‘come to the land of jihad and shout Allah’. His face hidden behind a black scarf which only shows his eyes, and speaking in a thick London accent, he tells the camera: ‘This is the golden era of jihad.’

UK: Muselmaniacs “Fear Backlash”

Mohammedans are the unrivalled masters of  the victimhood game. They rape our children and tell us its their own fault:

The abuse of 1,400 children by men of mainly Paki  Koranimals has led some to blame the entire Muslim community. (I blame Islam)

Calgary brothers the latest Canadians identified as fighting for ISIS

The Islamic Protection Racket:
Syrian rebels headbangers tell UN that 44 Fijian observers were seized to ‘remove them from an active battlefield’ in Golan Heights.
No Shiite: 
 Investigators now believe a fire which damaged a mosque in Berlin earlier in August was started deliberately.
I love the smell of burning mosques in the morning……
Police suspect arsonists were behind mosque fire

The facade of the Mevlana mosque was badly damaged by smoke from the fire. Photo: DPA

Police suspect arsonists were behind mosque fire

More than 60 firefighters were deployed to put out the blaze. Members of the congregation have been praying in the street since the fire on August 11th.


Their children, our children….

Two teenage girls have been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to blow up a synagogue in Lyon, French news websites have reported.

Rape Jihad:

Inside ISIS’ Harem for Captured Non-Muslim Women

Bu8x_s0CEAAHpYfIslamic apologists spent the last few decades insisting that Islamic laws involving the rape of female prisoners were invented by “Islamophobes”. And even if they weren’t, surely no modern Muslim Jihadist force would implement them.

“Hamas’ continuation of the armed resistance is a way of telling Israel that their spirit is not broken”

Speaking of moral obtuseness (or how “Palestine makes you dumb,”) I reprint for you in full Rev. Shipman’s letter as published today in the New York Times: …

If Shipman had justified bigotry toward any other group, he would have been lynched. But it’s considered legitimate to justify anti-Semitism. (Greenfield)
Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous…FRONTPAGEMAG.COM

Leftoids would do it tough under Islam:

ISIS Issues Official Curriculum: Bans Music, Sports, Art, History …And Weed

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, August 29, 2014,

isis weedLocals congregate nearby after ISIS rebels torch a field of marijuana in Syria this week.

The Islamic State of Iraq recently issued educational regulations for the Caliphate. Music, art, sports, social studies, history and psychology are now banned in the classroom.
Translated by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

Directorate of Programs in the Islamic State
General Statement to all Education and Teaching Institutions

Arab Children Play ISIS Execution Game

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, August 28, 2014,

An Al-Qaeda linked terror group executed several “Israeli spies” in the Sinai Thursday.
al qaeda beheading israelIt was a scene often repeated and filmed by ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

This violent act is so common that Arab children have made it a new game.  The ISIS Execution Game–  ABNA.ir reported, via Religion of Peace

My abuser is out of jail…

….and tormenting me on Facebook: At 13 Lizzie was raped. Now, at 19, she is terrified again… and says Rotherham authorities have done nothing 

Lizzie, who was only 12 when she was groomed by Umar Razaq in Rotherham, says he ‘taunted’ her on the social networking site after being released from jail. Razaq, who served less than a year despite the depravity of his crimes, was yesterday boasting of ‘living the high life’ while on a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ after he left the country earlier this week.

Predictably, Muslims pissed on Abbotts olive branch….

Would Abbott also ask Abu Hamza to help fight radical Islam?

Larry Pickering

Abu Hamza al-Masri, an imam at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London, was convicted on 11 counts of terrorism and taking 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998. He left three Britons and an Australian dead.

hamza2_2361916bHe was also found guilty of advocating violent jihad in Afghanistan and conspiring to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon, U.S. He lost his hands and an eye experimenting with explosives.

He is just one of a procession of Islamic clerics Abbott wants to join his “Team Australia”. Is it naivete or stupidity that would drive a man to ask for Islamic inclusiveness in the fight against terrorism? It would have made more sense to ask Hitler to help with the holocaust.

To suggest the fight against terrorism has naught to do with Islam displays a madness beyond comprehension and a weakness the Islamic terrorist giggles at. Until Abbott accepts that the Islamic State, and every other terrorist organisation hell-bent on destroying the West, is borne of Islam, and only Islam, then Australia can look forward to suffering the atrocities this vile cult is determined to wreak on us.


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Up to 3,000 British Muslims Fighting for Jihad– and we are still told that jihad means 'inner struggle'….

With more Islamic Savages blowing themselves up, it is prudent to remind us of what motivates Allah’s kamikazes. And who better to instruct us on this subject than Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi himself:

10385547_746700962064332_2337184263353337682_n“Those who oppose martyrdom operations and claim that they are suicide are making a great mistake. The goals of the one who carries out martyrdom operation and the one who commits suicide are completely different. Anyone who analyses the soul of these two will discover the huge difference between them. The person who commits suicide kills himself for himself, because he failed in business, love, an examination, or the like. He was too weak to cope with the situation and chose to flee life for death…

In contrast, the one who carries out martyrdom operation does not think of himself. He sacrifices himself for the sake of a higher goal, for which all sacrifices become meaningless. He sells himself to Allah in order to buy Paradise in exchange.”

Al-Qaradhawi at the 2003 European Council for Fatwa and Research convened in Stockholm for its 11th session; validated by highest authority through verses from the Koran (4:74, 9:111, 2:207, 17:33) and numerous reliable hadith. (From the Q-Society)

British Student Hails ‘Golden Era of Jihad’

Hamzah_ParvezThis young British Muslims expresses what a great many Muslims across the world are thinking and many are acting on. “British Student Hails ‘Golden Era of Jihad’,” Breibart, August 29, 2014 A 21-year-old British student has posted a video on social media urging Muslims to join the “golden era of jihad”. Hamzah Parvez had told […]READ MORE (Geller)

Andrea Mitchell took a breather from polishing Obama’s knob to report that the BBC’s Katty Kay said that the “radicalization” of British Muslims is a “big problem” adding there could be as many as 3,000 jihadist with British passports currently fighting in Syria and Iraq with ISIS.

Camoron Attacks Multiculturalism:
  • UK raises terror threat level to “severe”“I just don’t understand it, Theresa.” “What, David? What don’t you understand, luv?” “The ingratitude, innit? The base, black, bold ingratitude. Think of it: We hounded counter-jihadists domestically and banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from coming in from the U.S. We worked with Islamic supremacists that we pretended were ‘moderates,’ allowing them to gain […] Aug 29, 2014 Comments/Continue Reading »
Muslim terrorists linked to ISIS pledge to destroy the largest Buddhist temple still standing in Indonesia.
Destroying the last remnants of the Jahiliyya:
The group wants to destroy the Borobudur Temple in the country’s Central Java Province. The 1,200-year-old Borobudur temple, which … See More

IS threatens to destroy world’s largest Buddhist temple
After releasing the video of the beheading of American photographer James Foley, the Islamic State terrorist group – formerly known as ISIS – has begun psychologically terrorizing Indonesia. The group has pledged to destroy the Borobudur Temple in the country’s Central Java Province, although its mo…

Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?

Mohammedan invaders in charge of child welfare: does it get any more absurd?

javed-khanAmong the more nauseating spectacles of the Rotherham child rape scandal has been the squirming evasion and shameless attempts at face-saving by the various authority figures whose job it supposedly was to prevent such horrors happening.

One of them is a man named Javed Khan. He is the head of Britain’s largest children’s charity Barnardo’s which now stands accused of having known about the Muslim rape gang problem for well over a decade – but which chose to do next to nothing to confront it. (James Delingpole— read the whole thing below the fold.

Rotherham sex abuse victim: I told police names of 250 (muslim paedophile) men who raped me but they did NOTHING

As a virgin teenager in Rotherham, Emma was gang-raped by Asian Paki Muslim gangs -…

 Rotherham may be the final nail in the coffin of multiculturalism

For Alison Pearson in the Telegraph its merely “Men of Pakistani heritage”, not Mohammedan sex slavery.

Let’s start with a riddle. If South Yorkshire Police can mount a raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home in pursuit of evidence linked to a single allegation of child sex abuse 30 years ago, why were South Yorkshire Police incapable of pursuing multiple allegations against multiple men who raped 1,400 children over 16 years?

One thousand four hundred. Consider the weight of that number, feel its tragic heft. Picture 50 junior-school classes of little girls in Rotherham, once a respectable northern town, now a byword for depravity. Men of Pakistani heritage treated white girls like toilet paper .

Do read on, by  Esmerelda Weatherwax

Children scared to walk the streets in Rotherham

Children in Rotherham do not feel safe to walk the streets, to wait for buses or take taxis alone, the author of a damning report into the town’s ‘unrelenting’ child sexual exploitation scandal told The Star today.

The report revealed the ‘prominent role’ of Rotherham taxi drivers in the abuse of children. In one council safeguarding meeting in 2010, minutes record three girls complaining of abduction attempts, and seven alleging being sexually exploited by taxi drivers.–Children scared ,,,,

Islam Had Everything To Do With What Happened In Rotherham

Hugh Fitzgerald

Jahangir Akhtar, ex-deputy leader at Rotherham Council
Council workers failed to act on allegations of widespread child sexual exploitation in Rotherham because they simply believed victims “weren’t worth saving”, the former deputy leader at Rotherham Council has claimed. (it turned out that these ‘council workers’ are Mohammedans….)

CAIR "dispelling myths about Islam and Muslims…"

Obamastan. Teaching the chooks not to get spooked when foxes enter the chicken coop:

The day-long workshop, titled “The Muslim Community and Law Enforcement,” attracted more than 60 law enforcement personnel and featured sessions on dispelling myths about Islam and Muslims. A portion of the training emphasized community engagement.

America does not need Muslim professors:

Muslim prof: “Shenanigans” of “so-called Islamic State” are “harmful to Islam”Muslim prof: “Shenanigans” of “so-called Islamic State” are “harmful to Islam”

“Dr. Farouk El-Baz is director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University. He served as science adviser to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt.”- /Comments/Continue Reading »

Even Islam has nothing to do with Islam:

Egypt’s Mufti adviser: Islamic State’s terror has nothing to do with IslamEgypt’s Mufti adviser: Islamic State’s terror has nothing to do with Islam

It would be refreshing if even one of those who are condemning the Islamic State would explain how this misunderstanding of Islam spread to so many people all over the world. But they never will do so, and the mainstream media will never ask them to. “Daesh terrorist acts have no link with Islam: Mufti […] / Comments/Continue Reading »

Robert Spencer in FrontPage Mag: The Islamic State Has Nothing to Do With Islam?

Western leaders are in complete agreement about one thing: the new self-styled caliphate, the Islamic State, has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. Continue Reading »

At behest of Hamas-linked CAIR, DoJ sues Minnesota town for rejecting mosqueAt behest of Hamas-linked CAIR, DoJ sues Minnesota town for rejecting mosque

The town rejected the Islamic center on zoning grounds, but at a meeting, some opponents of the project “made disparaging remarks about the Muslim faith.” Time to call in the Thought Police! Time for Obama’s feds to force the mosque on this city! It is impossible to have a mature discussion about mosques in the […]Continue Reading »


Al-Qaeda urges jihad attacks on Las Vegas, military colleges in U.S.

Muslim groups demand mandatory retraining of all federal, state, local law enforcement officials who may have learned truth about jihad

Muslim groups demand mandatory retraining of all federal, state, local law enforcement officials who may have learned truth about jihad


They got the FBI and other federal agencies in 2011 to remove all mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism from counter-terror training materials, and to fire counter-terror trainers (including me) who spoke the truth about how Islamic jihadists used the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits. Now, […]Continue Reading »

Australia: "disaffected, angry young men becoming radicalised. …"

Stereotypical muslim victim baggage at Yahoo! 7 News, thanks to Mullah:

Islamic counsellors could reduce risk of radicalisation head chopping : AMWA–  (in fantasy land)

South Australia, ACT reject Federal Government’s offer to fund $250m school chaplaincy program

Silma Ihram from the Australian Muslim Women’s Association said that having Islamic counsellors in schools in disadvantaged areas would help reduce the risk of young people becoming radicalised.

Disaffected, angry young “Australian” rises high in ISIS

…and no Islamic BS councillor will ever prevent this kind of ‘radicalisation’ of the true believers:

BqjuhKqCMAEPO2k-418x480 ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appoints Australian citizen as a military commander

Jalula (IraqiNews.com) On Thursday, according to a local source in Diyala province, the leader of the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appointed an Australian citizen from Sydney to the post of military commander of the organization in Jalula, northeast of Baquba, stressing that the Australian began his mission by beheading four detainees from the armed factions who refused to swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi.

Life in the Islamic State: Women can’t leave home without male guardianLife in the Islamic State: Women can’t leave home without male guardian

Women can’t leave home without a male guardian, accused thieves have their hands amputated, women are stoned to death for adultery, shops close five times a day for prayer. In short, the Islamic State looks just like Sharia Arabia, another Sharia state, and just like Iran, yet another Sharia state. How can this be? After […]/ Comments/Continue Reading »

 If its not sharia its not justice:

Tunisian leader: West’s injustice fuels terror recruits

Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannouchi, the 71-year-old-leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda movement, said many young Muslims turned to extremism after being marginalized by the societies they grew up in. …# And Western countries still permit muslims to enter and become marginalized and extremist (do allah’s wet work) (Mullah, pbuh)

The “Values” and “Freedoms” of Muslims are not ours: their ‘freedom’ means ‘striking terror in the hearts of the unbelievers’ by chopping their heads off:

Sydney Muslim leaders left ‘disappointed’ by meeting with Attorney-General George Brandis

Senator Brandis declined to comment after meeting, but he told the group the laws were not targeting Muslims. Mr Amer said the proposed measures would affect all Australians’ rights and freedoms.

“Australian Muslims unequivocally share the same concerns as the wider Australian public for the safety and security of our nation,” he said.
“However, this should not come at the cost of our core values, freedoms and civil liberties afforded to all Australians.” …More laws failing to address the problem at Yahoo! 7News (Mullah, pbuh)

Headchoppers fear 'backlash' and behead a few more….

Hours after shocking world with desert execution of 300 Syrian soldiers, ISIS parade Kurds dressed in Guantanamo-style suits, behead one and promise to kill them all unless USA pull out of war


Islamic State have released a new decapitation video, threatening America for the second time and urging the Kurds to break from their alliance with the West against the caliphate. The chilling video shows footage of 15 Kurdish soldiers all dressed in orange boilers suits (main picture). It then cuts to one of the prisoners kneeling before three masked jihadists (right), who warn America to cease its support of the Kurdish people. They warn they will continue beheading more of the prisoners if America and the Iraqi Kurdistan continue to work together, before unsheathing a knife and killing the kneeling prisoner. The terrifying execution comes just hours after 300 captured Syrian soldiers were executed in the desert (inset).

Survivor of ISIS children’s camp reveals how young boys are whipped and made to watch men being crucified and women stoned to death

Survivor: Mohammed, whose name has been changed out of fears for his safety, was forced to attend an Islamic State children's camp

Mohammed, whose name has been changed out of fears for his safety, was just 13 when he was made to attend one of the terror group’s camps in northern Syria.

Hundreds of Yazidi women held in Islamic State prison where they are raped and sold off as jihadi brides for as little as $25

Barred Dungeon Window...Window of a dungeon in the 16th century Cheateau d'If, made famous by the Alexandre Dumas novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. It was here that the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned.<br />
used as a join up with James Mawdsley a British activist, in 1999. Mawdsley was arrested for the third time in Myanmar for promoting anti-government protests has said he expects to be imprisoned, but there is no other way to force change. Mawdsley, 26, of Lancashire, comes as dissidents are urging Myanmar's long-suffering people to rise up against the military regime on Sept. 9, or 9-9-99.Escapees from Badush Prison, in Mosul, northern Iraq, have said Yazidi women taken there are given a choice, convert to Islam and be sold as a bride, or refused and be raped.

Second American confirmed killed fighting for ISIS in Syria: Father-of-nine dies in same battle as militant rapper jihadi

Radicalised: This picture tweeted earlier this year by journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim shows Abdirahmaan Muhumed who is believed to be the second American killed last week while fighting for the Islamic StateA Minneapolis father-of-nine has been confirmed as the second American jihadi to die fighting for ISIS in Syria. He died alongside US rapper, Douglas McArthur McCain.

Rape Jihad: Inside ISIS’ Harem for Captured Non-Muslim Women

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 28, In The Point  Comments

Islamic apologists spent the last few decades insisting that Islamic laws involving the rape of female prisoners were invented by “Islamophobes”. And even if they weren’t, surely no modern Muslim Jihadist force would implement them.

Now, as in so many other things, ISIS has proven them wrong.

Hundreds of Yazidi women taken by ISIS and held in a secret prison where they have been raped and sold off like property are facing an equally dire fate.

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