Dumb as Russel Brand can be….

Leftism is a mental disorder. Its  pathological and compulsive. Brand is hardcore:

Back to reality:

Gaza fighting resumes despite ceasefire deal

Dozens of “Palestinians” killed by Israeli shelling, medics say, hours after 72-hour truce between Hamas and Israel began.

There was an immediate lull in fighting as the truce began at 8am local time (05:00 GMT) on Friday. However, less than three hours later, medics reported deaths in the south of the Palestinian territory. They said at least 40 people were killed as Israeli tanks fired shells into eastern Rafah.

The EU gives Israel the finger: EU urges return to Gaza ceasefire

The European Union has urged Israel and Hamas it was “absolutely necessary” to restore a ceasefire in Gaza shattered a few hours after it began.

Predictable as always:

Pillay: World powers must hold Israel accountable

Islamo-prop spins like Iranian centrifuges and the  UN dogs are broadcasting it:


Here is a piece of cold, hard truth for those who think it is just Israel having a problem with Hamas & Co.

Atwan: The Arab Leaders Pray That Israel Will Get Rid of the Palestinians Once and for All


Piers Akerman serves a hard-hitting piece of truth in The Telegraph.

” …if the Left wants the terrorists to smash Israel, and that is the clear message from the Greens and Labor MPs who attend rallies where the flags of Hezbollah, Hamas and the jihadists fly, there will be no holding back terrorism around the world.” …See More

THE real message coming from the Gazan conflict is give war a chance. That’s right. All peace-loving people should be demonstrating in the streets and singing, “All we are saying, is give war a chance”.
 Here’s Robert Spencer, making it all unmistakably clear:

Here is the Newsmax story on Robert Spencer’s appearance on Newsmax TV discussing the jihad against Israel. And in case you missed it, the video is above.

“Jihad Watch’s Spencer: Obama Has Sided With Palestinians,” by Sean Piccoli, Newsmax, July 29, 2014:

"We, the subjects of the Caliphate…"

How Islam Built The Very Fabric of America

Did Islam really build America?

It’s a silly question to ask; of course we’re a Muslim nation with a deep Islamic tradition – it should be enough that Hussein Obama says Islam built America. But, as everybody knows, the history books were written by Islamophobes. – Do read on, from the Peoples Cube


The image of Islam (nothing else matters…)

Arabs and Muslims have an image problem in media and entertainment as a result of a pro-Israel political agenda. So claimed Edmund Ghareeb and Jack Shaheen, professors at American and New York Universities, respectively, on June 11, 2014, before an audience of forty middle-aged individuals at Washington, D.C. Jerusalem Fund think tank.

“…there is a danger that the negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims will be exacerbated”

What Muslims do makes Muddassar Ahmed sick because it might wake up the cursed kafirs:

With the current focus on ISIS, there is a danger that the negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims will be exacerbated and the false assumption that ISIS has legitimacy in the eyes of Muslims may gain credence. .. Living in Britain and having the right to practise my religion freely is a fundamental part of what makes me proud to be a British Muslim.


More Islamic image problems:

American Muslim suicide bomber spent months back in US before returning to Syria to self-detonate in the cause of Allah

“How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?”

The idiots today would have you believe that the Nazis were some kind of “right wingers”- they were not. The Nazis were socialists.  And today’s Jewhaters are yesterdays anti-Semites in the flesh.


Spanish actors denounced the Israeli “genocide” in “Palestine.”

These people are dumb.

Pali noble savages vs "barbaric Jews"

israel-is-the-terrorist-afpUS Condemnation of UN School Attack Plays into Hamas’s Hands, Again

The Left Hate Israel Because It Is Everything They Despise: Capitalist, Conservative and Patriotic

I beg to differ. The Zionist idea was based on a collectivist concept. Have things changed that much?

Penelope Cruz Backs Off Israel Criticism, Admits Not an ‘Expert’ on Middle East

First, there was this: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Accuse Israel of Genocide

“… I wish for unity, and peace… I believe in a civilization that can be capable of bringing the courage to have a world where humans can live side by side….” Don’t we all?


Gaza Crisis: Isis Pledge to Join the Palestinian Fight Against ‘Barbaric Jews’

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has told the Palestinian people that it is “only a matter of time” before they reach Palestine to join the fight against “barbaric Jews”.

One Million Ceasefires | FrontPage MagazineDoesn’t Israel deserve to win its war on terror?
More UN perfidy in the Islamic war on the Jews. The UN is the international arm of the global jihad. Using humanitarian facilities and schools to wage a genocidal war…
Would you go to see a Mohammedan doctor?

A member of “Doctors Without Morals”

Physician manning a medical hotline in Flanders tells son of woman with…
Anti-Israel demonstrations are engulfing cities in Canada and around the world, often openly in support of Gaza’s terrorist-designated Hamas government. But how that story gets told hinges on the bias of media reporting it.
We sell oneway tickets, Mooch. We’ll give you a good price…..
UN Ban