"Save the Children" is code for helping Hamas

Save the children should not mean help the terrorists

Andrew Bolt

By adding the words “end the blockade” – as in the blockade of weapons – Save the Children confirms its new campaign actually supports the war strategy of the Hamas terrorist group which controls Gaza and openly says it wants Jews dead.

“End the blockade” is in fact the key demand Hamas makes in exchange for ending its rocket attacks on Israel – for now:

Hamas has said it will not relent until the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on the Gaza Strip is lifted. Both countries view Hamas as a security threat and are reluctant to make sweeping concessions without guarantees weapons will not enter Gaza.

The blockade is primarily to stop Hamas from bringing in bigger weapons. So why has Save the Children sided with the terrorists?

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Hamas leader Meshaal accuses Israel of Gaza 'holocaust'Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal said: “We will not give up until Palestinian demands – at the top of which is lifting the Gaza siege – are fulfilled.”

World Bulletin / News Desk

Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal has vowed to continue fighting Israel until the self-proclaimed Jewish state meets Palestinian conditions for a permanent ceasefire, especially the lifting of a seven-year-long blockade on the Gaza Strip.

I am heartened that Benjamin Netanyahu and others are using the term’ savage’ despite the media’s jihad against that word. Who can forget the frenzy in the media and the Muslim world when we posted our now famous pro-Israel signs in 2012. It took awhile for the world to catch up but they have — […]READ MORE (Geller)

One thought on “"Save the Children" is code for helping Hamas”

  1. Sheikh
    You are right.

    Watching the BBC one gets the impression, that one day Nethanyahu got up and decided, that today would be a good day to start a war on crying babies and children. And where else but in Gaza can one get a large population of crying children.

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