Their children will murder your children

Their children will murder our children:

 Und morgen die ganze Welt:
Some people think this Obama bastard is quite extreme, but you may agree with him:

Obama said the answer for ISIS’s “evolving terrorist threat” is not for America to “occupy” countries and end up “feeding extremism.”

Obama--103771This mad dog is the elected president of the United States.

Hamas Sermon: We Pledged Before The Commanders Of The Jihad To Die For The Sake Of Allah; We Have Gathered The Zionists From All Corners Of The Globe So That It Will Be Easier To Slaughter And Kill Them


Why arrest him? Why not help him get his virgins?

No wonder they hate us:

A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad. … More narrative malfunction at thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Arrests of would-be British jihadis increase five fold

The number of would-be British jihadists and their supporters has increased five-fold in the last year, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has warned. …  More from the decaying nation at The Telegraph

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Krauthammer: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures a Product of His Narcissism

Hamas: Israel’s Destruction Remains Ultimate Goal

Princeton Professor Authors Bipartisan Petition Calling Upon Obama Admin to Destroy Islamic State

UK: Fear of Being Labled ‘Racist’ Enabled Abuse of 1,400 Children

92% of Saudis: ISIS ‘Conforms to the Values of Islam’…


And that is just in Rotherham, one small part of England. What’s happened in Leeds? In Bradford? In Manchester? In Greater London? How many officials have been afraid to be accused of “racism”? And how many people will read the full report, and grasp how Muslims are taught to regard non-Muslims?– Here.


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  1. “………We Have Gathered The Zionists From All Corners Of The Globe So That It Will Be Easier To Slaughter And Kill Them”

    Bring it on bitch. You maggots who are the followers of the world wide death cult will get your wish to meet your demon overlord soon enough.

    Days are coming, the worlds awakening. I’m going to love and see your whinging and whining when you push people enough they unleash..

  2. Islamonausea is increasing at a great rate!
    Due to decapitation and rape the dogshit dogma of Islam is coming into more attention from people who recently exercised PC sympathy!

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