"There is no evidence:" Mohammedan duplicity and deceit….


What more will it take for Muslim “leaders” to stop pretending there’s no threat?

Andrew Bolt:


Muslim leaders across Australia have denounced as unjust, unjustified and hypocritical proposed new counter-terrorism laws and they have refused to “rubber-stamp” them for the government…

There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat…” the statement reads.

Does this count?:


the U.S. government on Friday issued a security bulletin to all U.S. law enforcement in light of the overall threat posed by Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS or ISIL.

The ominous post on Twitter, purportedly from somebody connected with Islamic State, shows a photo of the Old Republic Building, 307 N. Michigan Ave., in Chicago and the White House.

Does this count? 

Police and security services are trying to identify a suspected British jihadist who appeared in footage of the killing of a US journalist [James Foley]…

Unconfirmed reports suggest the man in the video – who had an English accent – is from London or south-east England and may have guarded IS captives…

The Guardian said the man was thought to be the leader of a group of British fighters based in Syria. The paper said he called himself “John” and was believed to be from London… BBC world affairs correspondent Rob Watson said sources had confirmed IS had been using three British jihadists to guard foreign prisoners.

Does this, from May, count? 

A French former jihadist volunteer in Syria has been arrested over last week’s deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Does this count? 

MOHAMED Elomar, one of several Australian jihadists wanted by police for terrorism offences in Syria, appears to have rebooted his online presence, ­exhorting followers to “get an AK47’’ and mow down supporters of Israel, and promising would-be jihadists access to ­explosives…

Elomar offers to source weapons-grade explosives for Sydney-based extremists. “Anyone in Sydney who is after explosives (dynamite sticks, C4 sticks, orica mine sticks, grenades) lots more. If interested DM (direct message) me.’’

Does this count?

A London woman who travelled to Syria to marry an Islamist militant has said she wants to be the first female jihadist to kill a British or American captive.

Glorying in the beheading of James Foley on Twitter, Khadijah Dare asked for links to footage of the brutal murder.

Writing under the name of Muhajirah fi Sham, which means “immigrant in Syria”, she said: “Any links 4 da execution of da journalist plz. Allahu Akbar. UK must b shaking up ha ha. I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist!(sic)”.

Dare, who is believed to be around 22 and from Lewisham in south-east London, has a photo of her young son holding an AK47 as her Twitter profile picture.

Does this count?

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian in his early 20s, is fighting overseas with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria…

Before burning his Canadian passport, Shirdon, in full view of the camera lens, issues a threat to Canada, the U.S. and “all oppressors.”

“We are coming and we will destroy you by the will of God,” Shirdon says on the video…

In February, Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Michel Coulombe testified before the Senate national security and defence committee hearing that an estimated 130 Canadians had gone abroad to join terror groups in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and north Africa. Coulombe estimated that some 30 alone had left for the Syria-Iraq area.

Coulombe also announced in late March that CSIS was tracking up to 80 Canadians suspected of having participated in terror activities abroad before returning to Canada.

Does this count?

In a video-clip posted on the Internet on May 17, 2014, a Jihadist from Kosovo, fighting with ISIS in Iraq, brandishes his sword and proclaims: “We shall cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of you, you filth. We shall conquer Jerusalem from you, oh Jews. We shall conquer Rome and Andalusia [Spain], Allah willing.”

Does this count?

About 30 Australians went to fight in Afghanistan, of whom 19 were suspected of involvement in terrorism when they returned home and eight were convicted.

Does this count?

All 19 of the 9/11 hijackers, as well as the operatives in the Cole attacks and the African Embassy bombing attended Afghan training camps…

The atmosphere of the camps encourged recruits to develop creative ways to create mass murder. The curriculum was based on the ideology that Israel and the United States were evil. Martyrdom was the most highly achieved state which encourged many recruits to volunteer to go on suicide missions.


Gerard Henderson discusses one of the fast emerging apologists for extremists – a joint signatory with the radical Sheik Omran and Hizb ut Tahrir of a letter damning the Abbott Government’s attempts to stop terrorism:

This is what Silma Ihram (nee Anne Beaumont) tweeted at 7.02pm on Wednesday – about 24 hours before her appearance on Paul Murray Live…:

Silma Ihram @Silma_Ihram: JamesFoley – Another terrible tragedy in countries destroyed by US/West intervention. My sad condolences to his family.

Now here are some facts. James Foley was murdered by Islamic State Islamists in Syria. The West, including the United States, has not intervened in – or destroyed – Syria. Currently about 170,000 individuals have been killed in the appalling Syrian Civil War – which is essentially a war between Shi’a Muslims supporting the Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus and Sunni Muslims attempting to overthrow the al-Assad regime. The so-called Islamic State is a Sunni Islamist organisation.

The Sunni Islamists attempting to establish an Islamic State have been busy murdering Shi’a Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities. They have also murdered some Sunni Muslims who declined to accept their version of the Koran.

As a convert to Islam who has studied the religion, Silma Ihram should know that disputes between Sunni Islam and the minority Shi’a Muslims have gone on for centuries. So have disputes between Islam and Christianity.

Ms Ihram’s tweet is just tosh. James Foley was captured while reporting the civil war between Shi’a and the Sunni. Yet Silma Ihram made no reference to the fact in her tweet or her … interview on Paul Murray Live.

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3 thoughts on “"There is no evidence:" Mohammedan duplicity and deceit….”

  1. There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat…” the statement reads. The islamic practice of kitman(deception for Islam – lying by omission to kafirs). Taqiyya(deception for Islam – by outright lying to kafirs) in full bloom – by its Malevolent Muhammadan “Leaders and the Criminal Politician and Politicals representing Australia’s FREE Citizens …. continue on with their Assisting and Enabling of Malevolent islam and …. with their treason and Sedition towards Australia. Wakey Wakey FREE Australians or you will be • Submitters to islam, or • paying the jizya (islamic Tax) with willing submission • dead as The Muhammadans will have killed you. And you cannot come back and tell Keysar Trad these Malevolent Muhammadan that you found their Terrorist “allah” IS FALSE and islam is a LIE. islam heaven (along with the 72 Self Regenerating Virgins and 28 never-molested (virgin) young boys like pearls) does NOT exist.

  2. SEE UPDATE Above

    “This is what Silma Ihram (nee Anne Beaumont) tweeted at 7.02pm on Wednesday – about 24 hours before her appearance on Paul Murray Live…:”

    This is what she said in the Paul Murray interview.

    Silma (Anne) Ihran at 7.-19 she says:

    “no religious justification for doing it all ”

    but she does not explain:

    ” how they (IS and others ) are misinterpreting the Islamic holy books”

    Tim Blair put it well:

    This interview is calm, polite, genial, and utterly chilling.


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