"Backlashphobia" on steroids

Pamela Geller, a terrifying  terrorist:

The media insists that opposing jihad is  “anti-Islam”:

 Pamela Geller, who thinks spewing hate at all Muslims somehow secures America, is at it again. She’s paid for shocking anti-Islam ads on New York City buses and subway stations, (An unsigned (s)hit piece from Iohud.)


Pamela Geller:

In the Islamic State, the jihadis are beheading journalists. In the United States, journalists want to behead me. And Mayor de Blasio is ululating right behind them.

Terrified Terrorists

Don’t Fear Your Neighbourhood Muslims Headchoppers:


Above the law? Muselmaniacs certainly think they are:

Muslim leaders are fuming at what they claim is the unacceptable treatment of a senior cleric by officials at Sydney airport.  The imam was detained on Thursday for two and a half hours by Customs officials for a routine baggage search at Sydney International Airport, which caused him to miss his flight.

He was on his way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, and was travelling with a group of Australian pilgrims. 

Sister of notorious Australian terrorist headchopper Mohamed Elomar stopped and questioned at Sydney Airport… where she was due to fly out to Dubai


  • Elomar’s sister, who has not been named, is listed as a ‘person on interest’ to the police
  • The 29-year-old was with her two children on Tuesday when she was trying to catch a flight out to Dubai
  • Friends say she was not leaving to fly to Syria to join her jihadist brother
  • She was questioned and released by officials but stopped from leaving the country
  • Elomar has warned the Islamic state will hold its position in Iraq and Syria ‘by victory or martyrdom

The sister of Australian jihadist Mohamed Elomar was stopped by border police from leaving Australia this week. 

Who would have a problem with them leaving Oz? The problem is they come back!

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  1. Perhaps this is the “senior Imam” that Asio overheard on the phone with the arrested would be be-headerand this would be why they wanted his phone.

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