Egypt: "fight terrorism wherever it exists by correcting misconceptions…"


Took a while, but they’re finally getting rid of him:

University of Sydney bans honour killings advocate and Islamic radical Uthman Badar

EXCLUSIVE Geoff Chambers/September 11, 2014

ISLAMIC radical Uthman Badar, who supports a caliphate and sharia law, has been banned from speaking at the University of Sydney today, the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. … More victimisation, islamophobia, nothing to do with islam or whatever fits or doesn’t fit the narrative at The Daily Telegraph

Egypt calls for global anti-terror strategy

“… fight terrorism wherever it exists by correcting misconceptions…”

Translation: those who resist Islam are terrorists  who  force the Muslims to terrorise them in order  to establish the religion, to subjugate and enslave them, to restore Allah’s natural order.

Written by : Mohamed Abdu Hassanein

The Egyptian foreign minister stressed the need to develop a strategy to fight terrorism wherever it exists by correcting misconceptions and clarifying the true image of Islam. …More fantasy at Asharq Al-Awsat/ thanks to Mullah pbuh….


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  1. We should do nothing. The countries like Saudi who will be ISIS next victims need to take care of it. These are extremely rich countries with a large military presence. America is not needed there, let the local community take care of it. They have the money and the military.

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