Embarrassed Al Jazeera Pulls Article Claiming Decapitations Were Faked

By Hugh Fitzgerald

The article, which concludes that the videos of decapitations by the Islamic State were “faked” by those wishing to harm the image of Islam, appeared in the Arabic-language version of Al Jazeera, that version by which that propaganda organ of the Qatari government ought best to be judged.

Embarrassed Al Jazeera Pulls Article Claiming Decapitations Were Faked

obama-golfThat is, the article had to have been vetted by all kinds of editors at Al Jazeera, who approved its appearance. It was removed only after behind-the-scenes discussion, and realization that, after all, such a charge — though not different in kind from the charges that the Americans or Israelis actually had carried out the attacks on 9/11/2001 — would not be taken lightly in the West, and might damage the “image” of something — Al Jazeera, Qatar, Arabs, Islam — that needed to be protected.

It’s not the hasty removal of the article that matters — it’s the original appearance of that article. And that ought to be brought up again and again, as an example of what Al Jazeera is, behind the plausible facade of its English-language version, all about: the defense, coute que coute, and promotion, no matter what, of Islam and the Soft Jihad.

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A Tale of Two Jihadis

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Our British correspondent JP returns with some thoughts on Thursday’s beheading of an elderly woman in the back garden of her home in a northern suburb of London.

A tale of two jihadis

by JP

A good reason for piling up heads in pyramids as practised during France’s Reign of Terror is to prevent them rolling around and getting under people’s feet. Reports coming out of Iraq and Syria give no indication this is the preferred method; rather sticking heads on poles seems to be the fashion.

Be that as it may, beheading is trending worldwide, and when one pops up in a quiet north London suburb, it is no surprise to find that there is indeed an Islamic connection. And, indeed, no surprise to observe media divert attention away from the Islamic connection, however tenuous this might in fact be.

This morning’s breaking news on the BBC’s website informs us that a man, Nicholas Salvador, has been remanded over the London ‘beheading.’ Note the scare quotes: perhaps it wasn’t a real beheading after all, only a stabbing process that went tragically wrong somehow. And how would a recent convert to Islam, crazed on drugs, be sufficiently composed to recall Koranic instructions on striking off the heads of infidels, cats even. Implausible to say the least, and, more likely than not, a random act of senseless violence that inhabitants of the diverse metropolis take for granted as part of its quirky appeal.

Unfortunately, the victim did not have the benefit of a slick film crew to record the gruesome action, unlike the murders in Arabia, neatly posed with accompanying mock sententious commentary designed to capture everyone’s attention, including world statesmen and women ready to oblige with hair-trigger responses expressing outrage at Islamic State butchery yet curiously remote when confronted by persecution of Christians elsewhere in the Middle East. Poor Palmira Silva, on the other hand, has received scant attention from world leaders for what after all may only be another footnote in Britain’s inadequate care-in-the-community programme for dealing with mental health issues.

However, there is the troubling Islamic connection to consider — that the London beheading may be an even more effective call to Islam than the one promoted in the Middle East: that despite the rock-star glamour of Islamic State, admirably boosted by Vice News, no laggard when it comes to overturning any stone which might conceal an atrocity to satisfy the jaded palates of its quickened-by-horror readership (for example, see its story on plastic surgery for victims of Amazonian river boat propellers), the London beheading is a perfect example of Islamic terror — unpredictable, random, and one that strikes fear into the hearts of unbelievers precisely as intended by the Koran and its teachings.

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