Just another beheading in Londonistan…

What’s a peacful Muslim to do when he walks down the street with his machete and some infidel whore crosses his path?

He was just ‘mad’, like suffering from mad cow disease, or something. Greasy Islamophobes would call it ‘sudden jihad syndrome’,  enlightened folks among us know that headchoppings have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Islam, right?

Palmira-SilvaSup_3027788b-150x93Palmira Silva was beheaded in her garden. And the media and British dhimmi Uk authorities (Scotland Yard) release the story emphatically stating it “is not terrorism” knowing full well the murderer was Muslim. Their concern was not for Christian victim of Italian descent in this heavily populated Muslim neighborhood, but of protecting Islam. (Reuters) – Pamela Geller

London woman decapitated by alleged Muslim convert

Andrew Bolt

That he’s mad counts for more than that he (allegedly) converted to Islam. Nevertheless, the killer’s actions may well have been suggested by a sub-culture aggressively sending a signal and a script:

A WOMAN has reportedly been found beheaded in a back garden in north London, and detectives are investigating whether her murder was inspired by footage of IS beheadings in Syria, according to UK reports.

Locals last night claimed the arrested man had converted to Islam last year, The Telegraph UK reports.

The media report comes after police initially ruled out the murder had links to terrorism.

Police discovered the body of Palmira Silva, 82, in the suburb of Edmonton after being alerted at midday yesterday by local residents who said a man with a knife was attacking a cat or dog.


The Telegraph now adds that neighbours’ claims that the killer converted to Islam cannot be verified. Police repeat that they do not believe this is related to terrorism.

Tomorrow’s headline today:

British Muslims fear backlash over beheading of elderly woman

5 thoughts on “Just another beheading in Londonistan…”

  1. Killing, beheading, raping non-Muslims, particularly Christians, is coming to an end for these Jihadis. The party is over. They also realise that the US and UK are coming to send them to collect their 72 virgins. Of course they want to come back.

    Oh by the way, when questioned by our Politically Correct totally dhimmified police, their answer will be that they were doing charity work.

    Just as Christianity civilised Europe, particularly the Germans and Vikings, there will be peace in Islamic lands only when they become Christian.

    Please pray for poor benighted Muslims. They are in a trap worse then a physical one.

    Muslims reading this, note that you are killing each other and everyone else because of Mohammed. There is no point in pretending that all this has nothing to with Islam.

  2. May her soul rest in peace. Not one word about this on either SBS or ABC news. Two nights ago on the news, we were treated to a predictable segment on what a frightful time Muslims are having in Sydney since the rise of ISIS. But the beheading of an 82 year old Italian lady in her garden by a Mohammedan doesn’t make the news. It’s a Brave New World for sure.

  3. Peculiar? Perhaps it may be diagnostic. Silva, and now the OK beheading, and the OK beheading threat — all targeting older or aging women. So let’s add another trait to the profile of the Islamist psychopath. (1) coward — picks easy targets and it is a bonus to him if the target is a woman, (2) misogynist — hey, understandable: likely never got any “respect” from women on account of his circumcised penis with a glans skin flaky and dried out like a desert lake, and (2) leading to (3) sexually insecure, with a massive I-hate-my-mother-but-I-would-have-so-much-wanted-to-sleep-with-her-and-unseat-my-father hangups. Now for (3) there might be counseling or something. The other two? Please make the head-cutting candidate face up to real, well-armed, well-trained, determined men and women. The mouthy courage will melt like ice in the middle of a desert. ‘Nuff said.

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