More anti-terrorism raids

Andrew Bolt

More anti-terrorism raids, this time in Melbourne:

VICTORIA police and Australian Federal Police officers are conducting a joint operation in Flemington, Meadow Heights and Seabrook.

This tiny, unrepresentative minority is neither as tiny nor unrepresentative as wishful reporting tends to suggest.


Tim_Sout-colYet our worthless, insufferable Race Discrimination Commissioner carries on as if the real problem we must confront is hatred of Muslims rather than hatred of non-Muslims:

Anti-Muslim bigotry is now contaminating community harmony at large.

This bizarre inversion risks legitimising the Islamists’ paranoid complaints.

This a$$hole needs to be decommissioned and the position abolished, asap.


The raids are not related to last week’s stabbing of two police officers and fatal shooting of Numan Haider in Endeavour Hills.

Victoria Police said in a statement: “This operational activity is not in response to a threat to public safety nor is it related to last week’s incident at Endeavour Hills.”

2 thoughts on “More anti-terrorism raids”

  1. Race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane.
    This “CRIMINAL” is knowingly Assisting/Enabling Islam and doing acts of Treason/Sedition against Australia.

    Race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is not ignorant naïve or incompetent.
    Soutphommasane is purposefully and Consciously Assisting/Enabling Islam and is guilty of acts of Treason/Sedition against Australia.
    A Vile Vile Vile “Something“.

    Jail Time IS Required – then ….
    Expulsion or “Expulsion” IS Required.

  2. Really timbo a hint islam is NOT A Race but a hate organization that mentions killing unbelievers the filthy koran. (109 times)

    For this reason I not like islam anyhow timbo hows your neck ???????

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