When Muslims are not oppressed like Jews in Nazi Germany, they are suffering like blacks in the segregated south

Lousy CAIR Propaganda

CAIR 20th Anniversary: Islamophobia and the Civil Rights Movement

Hamas-linked CAIR claims situation of Muslims in America similar to that of blacks in segregated South

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is celebrating its twentieth anniversary of deceit, disinformation, defamation and opposition to counter-terror programs by offering up a video full of more of the same. It doesn’t mention, of course, that this “civil rights group” was actually named anunindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case not by Pamela Geller, but by the Justice Department. Hamas-linked CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. Its California chapter distributed the poster above telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI. CAIR has opposed every anti-terror measure that has ever been proposed or implemented. (More below the fold)

“Terrorising Australia’s Muslim population”

Demented stuff from an extreme left blog:

Australia’s “war on terror” is more like a war on Australia’s Muslim community…

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More anti-terrorism raids

Andrew Bolt

More anti-terrorism raids, this time in Melbourne:

VICTORIA police and Australian Federal Police officers are conducting a joint operation in Flemington, Meadow Heights and Seabrook.

This tiny, unrepresentative minority is neither as tiny nor unrepresentative as wishful reporting tends to suggest.


Tim_Sout-colYet our worthless, insufferable Race Discrimination Commissioner carries on as if the real problem we must confront is hatred of Muslims rather than hatred of non-Muslims:

Anti-Muslim bigotry is now contaminating community harmony at large.

This bizarre inversion risks legitimising the Islamists’ paranoid complaints.

This a$$hole needs to be decommissioned and the position abolished, asap.


The raids are not related to last week’s stabbing of two police officers and fatal shooting of Numan Haider in Endeavour Hills.

Victoria Police said in a statement: “This operational activity is not in response to a threat to public safety nor is it related to last week’s incident at Endeavour Hills.”

We must stop feeding the Islamic monster while it’s still in the minority

Larry Pickering

What a funny war

ISIS isn’t the first Islamic State to claim supremacy, there was another that reigned terror for 400 years and was based on the Barbary Coast of North Africa. They were known as the “Barbarians” (funny how that word keeps popping up). The Barbarians terrorised Mediterranean nations and as far west as America up until as late as the 19th Century. Using pirated ships they mass murdered, raped, tortured and slave-traded their way to Islamic supremacy until, around 1840, suffering nations decided enough was enough and they were snuffed out.

Decatur_Boarding_the_Tripolitan_GunboatThe tenure of the modern Barbarians is unlikely to last that long because no tyrannical Islamic State can survive without a constant river of money, and the coalition’s bombs are turning off the tap.

The Taliban has its $6 billion opium crop, the Saudis limitless oil and ISIS discounted crude oil that Turkey purchases on the black market. The Halal certification extortion racket contributes $US1.2 trillion per annum to terrorism and under-the-table ransoms are reported to be worth another $US200 million.

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Breaking News: Police Raids in Melbourne



A (MUSEL-)MAN has been taken into custody as Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police officers conduct counter-terrorism raids at five suburbs in Melbourne’s west and north. (Herald Sun)

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.18.15 amPolice carry out terror raids in Flemington, Seabrook …

Anti-terror raids under way in Melbourne

Victoria Police and AFP conduct anti-terror raids in …

A joint operation between AFP & Victoria Police is underway in Seabrook, Flemington & Meadow Heights

AFP and Victoria police execute raids in Melbourne

So far not much, there seems to be a news blackout.

VICTORIA police and Australian Federal Police officers are raiding a property in Melbourne’s southwest.

The raids follow the biggest ever counter-terror operation in Australia earlier this month involving joint operations between the AFP and NSW police.


Victoria Police and AFP conduct joint raid in Melbourne suburb of SeabrookPolice raids in Seabrook, Meadow Heights and Flemington

The AFP and Victoria Police are carrying out joint raids in the Melbourne suburbs of Seabrook, Meadow Heights and Flemington.

Police have not confirmed whether the raids are terror related.

“The Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police can confirm that a number of search warrants are being conducted as part of a joint operation in the following suburbs: Flemington, Meadow Heights and Seabrook,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

“While this activity is continuing no further comment will be made.”

"Undocumented migrants are not criminals. They are human beings in need of protection and assistance, and deserving respect”

I beg to differ. Al Jizz promotes this rubbish for a reason.

Who are the ‘human rights’ cranks?

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Monday that a record 3,072 people had died attempting to reach Europe during the first nine months of 2014.

That is more than double the annual average of about 1,500 deaths. Many are refugees fleeing wars in places such as Syria.

“Our message is blunt: migrants are dying who need not,” said William Lacy Swing, the director general of IOM, in a statement posted on the organisation’s website.

“It is time to do more than count the number of victims. It is time to engage the world to stop this violence against desperate migrants.

More than 3,000 migrants undesirable Muslim invaders have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean, more than twice the annual average [EPA]

10628452_1488844674735512_6333518134308883799_nHere, from a German website that points out what this “enrichment” brings us: drug-dealers, taxi drivers, jihadists, pimps and slackers. The import of these people amounts to genocide against the indigenous population of Europe.

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Michelle Malkin: We're letting in the wrong refugees

Yes we do. Tens of millions of them. And this unhindered migration will destroy us.

Michelle Malkin: We’re letting in the wrong refugees

Fresh terror busts in Australia expose a common Achilles’ heel of the West: Indiscriminate refugee policies turn free countries into breeding grounds for jihad. It’s the same game in America. Soldiers of Islam have weaponized our blind generosity against us.

In Sydney this week, authorities detained a half-dozen Muslim plotters and arrested a top collaborator in an alleged conspiracy to kidnap and behead a random Australian citizen. The accused mastermind? Afghan refugee turned Aussie Islamic State recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei. He and his aristocratic family were welcomed Down Under decades ago. Baryalei returned the favor by taking to the streets of Sydney to recruit and radicalize dozens of fellow Muslim immigrants or their children.

That’s why we get this:

 “Halal Grub is Basic human rights”.

No shiite. Because only Muslims are human. The rest of us are filthy kafirs, sons of apes and swine, the vilest of creatures…. (according to muselmanic scriptures.)

I”m sure the welfare system in Africa provides halal for the always needy Muslims.

Audacity On Steroids:

Muslims Demand AMERICAN Food Stamps Meet Islamic Standards

Michelle Malkin, continued:

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"Al Qaeda is on the run…"


Posted by Jim Hoft, GWP

ISIS released photos of a purported Japanese fighter today –
Sheikh Hasan Konakata
japanese isisKonakata was a professor of Islam before joining ISIS.

(But, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.)

From a 2010 interview:

Ko Nakata was born in Okayama, Japan, in July 1960. He converted to Islam in 1979 whilst at University and thereafter adopted the first name of “Hassan”.

In the past thirty years Ko Nakata has had a rich and diverse academic career. He completed his PhD in Islamic Philosophy at Cairo University in 1992-1996. In 2003 he joined the Faculty of Theology at Doshisha University. He was the deputy director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies for Monotheistic Religions at Doshisha University from 2003-2008.

He has published many academic texts, foremost “Wilayat Al-Faqih, Sovereignty and Constitution: Political Theories in Post-Khomeini Iran” (2000); “The Interplay between Islam and Civilization: the Case of East Asia” (2002); “The Concept of Khilafa: Spreading the Rule of Law all over the World” (2010).

Ko Nakata is also a community activist and sits on the board of directors of the Japan Muslim Association.

Nine Japanese nationals have reportedly joined ISIS.

A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stands guard at checkpoint near the city of Biji6a00d8341c60bf53ef019104a2f8bf970c

Yes indeed. The Army of Islam is Running Towards Bagdhad

Breaking: ISIS CLOSES IN ON BAGHDAD – Islamists ONE MILE From Iraqi Capital

baghdad isisIsis ‘just one mile from Baghdad’ as al-Qaeda fighters join forces against Syria air strikes.

ISIS terrorists are reportedly one mile from Baghdad.

Al Jazeera host calls Western-led action against Islamic State a ‘new crusade’

Al Jazeera TV host, writing in the Qatari media, has called the Western coalition campaign against Islamic State a “new crusade,” reminiscent of the one that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003. …Meanwhile, Israel, Egypt and other Gulf states have slammed Qatar for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements.


Is ridicule a cure for headchoppers?

Ridicule is best and cheapest way to de-radicalise

SOCIAL workers, counsellors, and psychologists are not going to stop ­jihadi terrorists by pampering them with so-called de-radicalisation programs (“Unshackling the minds of ­Islamists”, 27-28/9).

These self-centred sociopaths will be stopped only by capturing them, convicting them, and imprisoning them for many years, releasing them as broken old men unable to harm anyone; and by making their activities and ideology anathema to their families, peers and religious community.

Any proposal to shower attention on potential or actual jihadists in deradicalisation programs should be rejected for the expensive, cumbersome and ineffective academic and social welfare con-job that it is. A campaign to ridicule and anathematise jihadists as gutless wannabes will be far cheaper and much more effective.

Merv Bendle,Mount Louisa,Qld

 ‘This Is Just What We Do’

“Can’t jump to conclusions….”

White House: Too early to know if OK beheading was terror or workplace violence

Jah’Keem Yisrael was shouting Islamic phrases as he stabbed and beheaded. He is clearly a devout Muslim. He has photos on his Facebook page glorifying beheadings and showing him giving the one-finger sign of allegiance to the Islamic State. What does all that signify for the Islamic State?


CAIR Isn’t Sure Oklahoma Beheader Is Muslim Because His Name Sounds Too Jewish
I think “honest Ibbe” is suffering from a severe lack of imagination.  If I had a dollar for every Mohammedan who posts Islamic agitprop on social media using a Jewish moniker I’d have enough money for a Caribbean cruise. False flag operations are a muselmanic speciality.

Mosques In Kenya A Security Threat

Mosques anywhere are a security threat. That’s because mosques are not like churches, synagogues or temples of other religions. They are strategic command centres for the soldiers of allah.
Hugh Fitzgerald

Mosques are places where the mere quoting of the Qur’an promotes and reinforces hatred of Infidels, and naturally leads some of those who come to pray, to listen to the khutbas, and to talk to fellow Believers about the meaning of Islam,  to commit acts of terrorism. How could it be otherwise, given what is in the Qur’an and given the model of Muhammad, as set out in the Hadith and Sira?

That’s why the mosques everywhere constitute a security problem. Ataturk established a Ministry of Religious Affairs that would monitor every mosque in Turkey, and check on the content, in advance, of every khutba. In Egypt, in Jordan, in Tunisia, in Morocco, in Algeria, in almost every Arab state, even in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, the mosques must be monitored. And in Kenya that’s true, too, where those responsible for protecting the state and its people now threaten to close mosques. And that threat should be made, and carried out, everywhere in the non-Muslim lands whenever a mosque has been found to be inculcating any kind of hostiity toward non-Muslims.

In Kenya, the authorities have warned that they may be closing some mosques — conduct to emulate.