"Terrorists born in Australia are not Australians. They're Muslims."

9News journaillie shrieks:

40 pamphlets filled with abusive, anti-Muslim language, were left outside Logan mosque.

“Terrorists born in Australia are not Australians. They’re Muslims.”

No big deal. I would have phrased it a bit differently, but you get the message.

The taqiyya brigades spring into action:

Brisbane mosques open doors to ease community fears

Are the community fears eased now?

3 thoughts on “"Terrorists born in Australia are not Australians. They're Muslims."”

  1. In other words, they are engaged in a/ damage control and “spin” and b/ dawa.

    They’re hoping to sucker a few more naive idiots into Islam.

    Frankly, though: if anyone reading this is 1/ Islamosavvy and 2/ lives in the Logan area, I’d suggest that you take the opportunity to pop by on this “open day” and get a good look inside at least part of the local allah Gang Headquarters/ military base/ propaganda centre.

    Scope the place out, inside and out. Assess the size and degree of prosperity of the local branch of the allah gang and check out the degree of coveredupness of any of the gang molls in evidence…are there any wearing the full Slave Mask rigout? Are the men in western dress or in robes with long beards? Look at *everything*.

    Go in groups of at least 3. One member of the group should be an unislamically-dressed female. No need to be immodest by Infidel standards: face, ears and hair visible = Whore!!!! from the sharia POV.

    If Christian, wear a visible cross. If brave enough: wear a Star of David pendant; but if you do that, make sure you are in a group of four or five able-bodied Infidels, mostly male. It would be most instructive for the other visiting infidels if the falsely-smiling masks can be seen to melt and rip away in the presence of someone who appears to be either Jewish or unapologetically pro-jewish/ pro-Israel.

    Take along a Quran, bookmarked to surahs 4.34, 48.29, and 9.29. If you have copies of the Barnabas Fund pamphlets “What is Sharia?” and “Is the Muslim Isa the Biblical Jesus?”, take them along; you may be able to share them with other less well-informed kuffar who have walked into the spider’s parlour. You may want to have pieces of paper with web addresses for jihadwatch, New English Review, Mark Durie’s blogspot, and the Centre for the Study of Political Islam.

    Print off copies of Conor Cruise O’Brien’s classic article, “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible”, and have those ready to slip to your fellow kuffar, also.


    Turn your BS detectors on to “High”.

    And do please read this article by Hugh Fitzgerald: “Tips for Visiting a Mosque”.


    Prepare; watch; observe; stick a spanner or two or three in the well-greased dawa machine, and have fun.

  2. The cluless Minister for Defence so uninspiring I didn’t even notice his name was on 7:30 Report referring to jihadists wanting to return ‘home’. Neither he nor their ABC interviewer what’s her name canvassed the possibility of amending the Citizenship Act to make jihading grounds for losing citizenship in the same way applying for foreign nationality is. Just as an aside Greens’ Christine Milne is the only pollie who is being half honest about what is going on. Abbott can’t bring himself to mention JIM eccept to say all this has nothing to do with Islam parroting Obama and Cameron but Milne is consistently using the J word. Ok she did that rather than use the T word but I feel that was the right thing to do as thw T word was another GWB term along with Islam is a ROP and empowers the jihadists.

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