The Lure of the Jihad


The Dilemma of the Jewish Leftist by 

 Lessons from the murder of journalist Steven Sotloff. (there are lessons, but will they be learned?)

Their women are not like our women:

Scores of British Muslim Women Waging Jihad in Syria

Un Muayad, a Ramadi resident fighting alongside tribal fighters, fires her rifle during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked ISIL in RamadiThey join the thousands of British Muslim men who make up 25% of the Islamic State’s foreign jihadist army. But Obama and Hamas-CAIR say this has nothing to do with Islam. That’s like saying Christianity has nothing to do with Christ. Read more: Westerners flock to Mideast to wage jihad “Report: 60 British women now […]READ MORE

Hamas  Top Dog Haniya:

“Our Media Was The River From Which Global Media Drank Information”

Chop their heads off, bomb the press hotels, beat and threaten reporters, and still the media continues to align with the jihad force like a dog returning to its own vomit. Every blood libel, every hoax Hamas manufactured, the media swallowed and regurgitated whole.  (Geller)

Eye on the World:

Bosnia clamps down on jihadists: 15 arrested

(Sarajevo) After the war in Yugoslavia and everybody went their own way, Bosnia gave residence to a large number of Islamic fighters who had tipped up from all over the world to fight the good fight.Since then, the country has had something of a radical Islamist problem and has clamped down hard on those who promote the view amongst the largely not religious population that they are bad Muslims. Which is why in April, Bosnia passed a law that imposes a 10-year prison sentence on anyone convicted of fighting in or recruiting people for conflicts abroad.The latest iteration of that clampdown saw the light of day this morning, with 200 policemen carrying out numerous raids across the small country, which netted them (so far) 17 followers of radical terrorism in Iraq and Syria.

The police had this to say in a press release:

“The suspects are connected to financing, organizing and recruiting Bosnian citizens to depart for Syria and Iraq, and taking part in armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq, fighting on the side of radical terrorist groups and organizations.”

Good to see that at least one European country is doing something about Islamic religious bigots. In the UK, we just talk about it.

The UN’s Perversion of Human Rights by 

Investigating the IDF instead of Hamas for “war crimes.

“Muslim Americans who have been doing great work to strengthen the fabric and prosperity of our nation.” (WTF?)
According to the official White House page, “Among attendees were members of the diplomatic corps, White House administration officials, US government staff, elected officials, and Muslim Americans who have been doing great work to strengthen the fabric and prosperity of our nation.” …Hamid Dabashi@Al Jazeera