The Mosque and all that bad stuff in the name of Allah….

Hate for sale as jihadist flag goes to auction at Liverpool mosque, inspiring teens to post their radical rubbish

As we know mosques are multicultural harmony centres for the benefit of the whole community.


So it will come as no surprise when the black flag of Islamic Savages is auctioned off in a Sydney mosque in the suburb of Liverpool. After all, proceeds surely go to benefit the whole IS terrorist community in Sydney and Mosul. (Q-Soc)

Bad Stuff in the Name of Allah

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The following WTHR news report concerns a series of incidents that occurred a week ago at three churches in Columbus, Indiana. The TV presentation and article are unusually forthright for an MSM story about a possible incident of cultural enrichment. The reporter and Father Marcotte, the priest she interviews, are not only willing to talk about JIM, but one of the two Koran verses is actually quoted in the accompanying article. (The other one, 19:88, says: “And they say, ‘The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son.’” [Sahih International])

Fr. Marcotte is even willing to forego all the usual mealy-mouthed Christian platitudes and say: “There’s a lot of bad stuff being done in the name of Allah.”

Well, I’m glad he noticed!

Below are excerpts from the accompanying article:

3 Columbus Churches Vandalized With Graffiti Overnight 

They hardly knew him:

Islamic State propagandist was regular worshiper at Islamic Society of Boston

Eight worshipers at the Islamic Society of Boston were either active jihad terrorists or linked to jihad terrorists. But you will never read about this in the Boston Globe. On the contrary, the hopelessly clueless and compromised Boston Globe “reporter” Lisa Wangsness wrote an egregious puff piece on Imam Suhaib Webb of the ISB, a pro-Sharia [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

Monitor the mosques. It’s a critical national security issue. Despite the repeated links and ties to bloodshed and murder, the Obama administration refuses to…(Pamela Geller)
CAIR Poster and advisory not to talk to law enforcement or grand juries. The grand jury proceedings are centered on trying to find out who is behind efforts to recruit Muslims in the Twin Cities to go overseas to wage jihad. That question has stymied federal agents for the last year as they have struggled […]READ MORE –
Imam Obama:
Here  he goes again — proselytizing for Islam. They are slaughtering Americans and he is scrubbing and whitewashing Islamic jihad. Sheesh. Obama said, “It is absolutely critical that we have Arab states, and specifically Sunni-majority states, that are rejecting the kind of extremist nihilism that we’re seeing out of ISIL, that say, ‘That is not […]READ MORE – See more at:
More from Australia’s Mohammedan cultural enrichers:

While a Muslim community leader claimed the Shahada symbol had largely been hijacked by IS militants, political leaders slammed the flag auction at Liverpool’s Markaz Imam Ahmad mosque and youth centre, led by Sheikh Abu Adnan Mohamad. A painting depicting the flag was also sold.

Premier Mike Baird said the state government would not tolerate any action that gave comfort to terrorists.

“I note Islamic State is listed by the Commonwealth government as a terrorist organisation and that it is against the law to provide it with any support,” he said. “We expect everyone in NSW to obey the law or face the consequences. All parents and all communities need to protect young people from the insidious and corrosive effects of the radical ideologies that are causing so much suffering around the world.

The teen expresses extreme views on InstagramThe teen expresses extreme views on Instagram

NSW MLC Fred Nile called the auction “disgraceful” and said the flag used by the Islamic State should be banned in Australia. “They fly the flag as something to be proud of — they should be ashamed of beheading people and selling women into slavery,” he said.

NSW Police investigated and said the auction would only constitute an offence if the proceeds were funnelled to terror groups.

The stated objective of the auction was to raise money for the mosque.

Attorney-General George Brandis has signalled the government’s intention to introduce new laws making it illegal to incite and promote terrorism. IS is designated as a terrorist organisation under Commonwealth law.

While repeated attempts to contact the mosque for comment by phone and email went unanswered, Muslim community leader Keysar Trad last night defended the sale, saying the Islamic State had “hijacked” the black and white standard, which bears the Shahada — an ancient Islamic creed that reads: “There is no God except God and Mohammed is the messenger of God.”

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham waves a flag in Raqqa, Syria.

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham waves a flag in Raqqa, Syria.

600 Muslims from Britain now waging jihad for the Islamic State600 Muslims from Britain now waging jihad for the Islamic State

And many of them are going to come home. Cameron wants to revoke their passports, but he faces a stiff fight in making that happen, and he seems already to know that he is not going to be able to do that, as he is also recommending that returning jihadis be forced to attend “deradicalization [ /Comments] Continue Reading »